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Hi SS, Could you please tell me/us that what exactly is Variance Analysis which is an input to many M&C processes? Regards, KK....

Variance Analysis assess the magnitude of variation from the original planned work.

Common sense –
Variance means fluctuations i.e. deviations
Analysis means study or finding the root cause or investigating

Using common sense do you think Variance Analysis can be an input to any process?

Of course NO, it can be tool/techniques. Also, the result of variance analysis can be part of some documentation updates (output).

Read this article for more information on it:

Saket, PMP

Hi SS,


What fool I am that I mentioned VA or Variance Analysis as an Input. Sorry!!!


Its ONLY Tools and Techniques for Four processes and they are:


1. Report Performance,

2. Control Scope,

3. Control Costs, and

4. Control Schedule


Thanks SS and apologies to all again,


Warmly, KK....