Lessons learned are BEST completed by?

 Ok I saw this question in Rita 6th edition at the end of chapter 1.

Lessons learned are BEST completed by?

A. The project manager
B. The team
C. The sponsor
D. The stakeholders

I choose A but the correct answer is D. Here is what the explanation said.


The best answer is stakeholders as their input is critical for collecting all the lessons learned on each project. The term "stakeholders" include all other groups.


I was like what the hell.....how can it be!? I mean all along we have been told that it's PM that is responsibe, it's PM that does all planning, it's PM who communicates with every one i.e. team, sponsor, stakeholders e.t.c. i.e. he works as a bridge between them and what not so shouldn't PM be the one who will be completing lessons learned!??

PM is the only person who knows project inside out while rest of the persons only have limited knowledge specific to their area or domain.

So I was thinking if we remove the word "BEST" from question and make it "Lessons learned are completed by?" will its answer still be D?

If I have to answer this, I would choose another choice i.e. Project manager and his team. Since there is no such choice I would choose “The stakeholders” as it includes both. (with the choice given)

Saket, PMP

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Question from PM FASTrack (Framework).

The term "stakeholders" includes all the other groups.

Correct Answer: D 


 I would agree Stakeholder includes Team and PM. 

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I just answer this question on Rita 8th edition and also choose project manager, and i wonder why stakeholder.

I can't agree D is the answer, and explaination : "stakeholders" include all other groups.


Define on PMBOK stakefolder is not include PM itself.


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