just came out from the examination hall!!..updated LL's

Hello All,


I am so excited to inform you that i just cleared my PMP. I'll be updating my lessons learned in sometime.







We will appreciate you if you add LL and hints about Exam please




Hello All,

With the God’s grace, finally made it on 23rd Nov.

My overall experience :

I had questions from almost all Knowledge areas, however no questions from professional ethics and social responsibility.

Experienced around 20 questions related to EVM and Network Diagrams in the beginning and end of the exam.

How I started: Aug 12 – Nov 12

1. Started with Head first, this book really helped me in understanding the topics. On a lighter note, Head first is the easy to understand book. (2 times)
2. Read PMBOK – Very important to have a understanding of this bible (Applied magic of 3)
3. Rita M. 7th ed (magic of 3)
4. 10 Days before the exam, started taking practice exams. After every practice exam, referred the answers and Pmbok for any wrong answer, it helped me bridge my gaps by understanding why the choice was wrong I selected.
Eventually started getting better results as I started practicing more and more.
Make sure you manage your time well during your full length mock test.

a. Rita’s Book and Fastrack
b. http://www.squidoo.com/pmp-certification-exam-free-sample-questions
c. Exam Central (http://www.examcentral.net/pmp/pmp-exam-questions) - Highly recommend this
d. Head First PMP
e. Simpli Learn
f. http://www.pmstudy.com– Highly recommend this
h. Farndale - If you have time, otherwise leave it.
i. Lehman

I generally used to finish the mock test within 3:30 min, but the story was altogether different on the final day.

My target always was 50 Questions: 60 min, which I was able to manage well while attempting practice test.
On the final day, wrote the formulas and the P 43 chart on the scrap sheet to ease out the pressure from my small brain. The first hour went fine with 53 questions. However some of the EVM questions utilized my time in the 2nd hour. I just wanted to make sure that I am finishing the Q’s then and there as I have already invested time on this and I have to invest time again if I mark this for later review.

Took one break in the middle of the exam, helped me to calm myself.

Time started running faster at the end of the exam. Started reading the questions as fast as I can along with the choices and selected the BEST I can think of.

Time finished…. and no time for any questions marked for review.
Got a pop up “you are out of time” and exam ended :). I was clearly able to hear my heartbeat.
After completing the Survey, I went mad when the screen gone blanked for 2 min.
Felt relaxed after seeing congratulations on the screen..... Ahhhhhhhhhhh...


Practice!! Practice!! And Practice!! as many questions as you can.
PMBok is your best friend
Have a good understanding of Quality, Risk and Procurement
Manage time
Make sure you sleep well the night before the exam.
Keep visiting Pmzilla for others contributions and lessons learned. Will get lots of help.

During my preparation, I have collected so much of data, articles docs :) . Please let me know if anyone needs any help.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my family and Kido for tolerating me during these 4 months as it was books, papers and printouts everywhere. I was almost isolated from everything. It wasn’t possible without their support for sure.

~ Ritesh


 Congratulations Ritesh.....

And thanks for sharing your experience.....I am also sitting for the exam next month on 24th.

Can you please share any useful information that you might have used during last days of your prepration.

My email id is sumi.gemini@gmail.com




 Congrats!  I am sitting for the exam soon and would like to know what scores you were getting on the mock exams and how close they were to the real exam.




Hello Amy,

In the very first test i got 58% which was really the eye opener for me to reconsider my study plan, later on i never got less then 70% (on the higher side 90%). Honestly, i can't judge the approximity of how they were close to the exam because before i attempted 1st mock, i was into the impression that i am having 70-80% book knowledge but that was not the case after the 1st mock. I started the PMBok with HF again and this time cover to cover. Believe me it's all based on the understanding of the topic. I never memorised any ITTO's but tried understand them thoroughly and i was easily able to relate them. In my last seven days, i only practised questions and questions, which really helped me to understand the topic and bridge my gaps.

Hope i am able to answer your query.

Thanks and best of luck.




I took your advice and went back to understand the flows.  It helped alot and raised my mock scores.  I am practicing mock exams and reviewing the flow and what is created in each process. 

Thanks for sharing.


HI Ritesh,


I am writting my on on Dec 8, 2012. Please pass me on your notes pradeep@chemtradelogistics.com

Thanks a million.


I am giving my PMP for second time. Need your help in notes or any test you have and you can share.


Thank you in advance for your help!!!


Best Wishes!!!


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Hi Ritesh

Can you pls send your notes to my id sunita1177@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance...

 Congratulations Ritesh! 

Your LL is very much helpful. Please share your prep materials to sumiparamesh@gmail.com.





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 Whao, what a relief!. Congrats!!. Please e-mail me your docs - engrglory@yahoo.com

Congratulations Ritesh,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I intend for exam early next year. Can you please send me the useful data and docs that you have collected during your prepration? My email is k.intara@hotmail.com


Thank you very much


 Congrates on your success.

Would you please share the materials at my email        rkm_maurya@yahoo.co.in


R K Maurya


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Congratulations Ritesh

Thanks all for your wishes and support.

 Dear Friend,

      Congrats on your PMP. Thanks for sharing your LL.

Could you kindly email me the notes at vishwanathshivaranjani@gmail.com.

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Hi Ritesh,

Congratulations on cracking the PMP exam...please pass if you have any notes to my mail id: sarangarajank@gmail.com

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Sarang K

Hi Ritesh,

Congratulations for passing PMP, please forward the documents to ravikumarthota@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.


Best of luck.


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Again, CONGRATS!! and please share your material with me. email=hemant717.patel@gmail.com


Hi Ritesh,

Congrats on the exam could you pass on your notes to help me I am gonna take the exam the second time

and need all the help I can get.




 Hi Ritesh,

Congratulations! Wish you the very best in your endeavors. I am taking the exam next month. I need all the help I can get. Could you please email your material to swamisub.mba@gmail.com?

Thank you.



Hi Ritesh

Congrats on PMP. Would you mind notes with me? My email id is acharya_geeta@yahoo.co.in

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Congratulations for your new endeavour.


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 Hi Ritesh,


Congratulations. If you still come to PMzilla can u please share me the notes @ pavas.malviya@gmail.com. In case some one else have got please so share. I have my exam next early week. :)

Done guys.. let me know if i can be of any further help..


Please share your notes... thanks

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 Dear Ritesh, Congrats on clearing your test. Can you please forward the material to amarnath.yadlapati@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.



Great Move.....Can you please send the material on madunix@gmail.com