In a jam

Hi all.  I am in a jam and could use some serious help.  I have read many posts on this forum and have found its members and posters to be very competent and give great advice.

My company has set an expectation for me to complete my PMP by the end of the year.  My eligibility with PMI expires on Dec 20th. I have already failed the test twice and only have 1 attempt remaining.  If I fail a 3rd time I must wait a full year before applying for eligibility again. My company will likely dismiss me if I cannot pass.

I am looking for the closest thing to a guarantee to pass the test.  Since this test affects my career and possibly my employment status I am willing to do whatever it takes.  If you know tricks or techniques or little known information to help someone who has studied hard in the past but cannot find the last bits of information preventing my success.

Please know that I am truly greatful for all the help and advice !

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You should be able to pass 3rd time, take PMZilla 200 questions and PMStudy test (1 or 2 )

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