ITTO Practice Online Game required

Hi All,

I am looking for an online ITTO game based on process group.

Example:: If i choose Initiating - > Project Charter, it will ask me to choose input,O/P, Tools from a list.

Website or any free android app preferrable.


Thanks in advance.

Hi there

You can download our app 'PMP Exam Mentor' to revise ITTO in the process group section and also use it for content about all 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas, Project Framework topics, formulas, and tips. You can then revise your knowledge with 688 flashcards and 1200 questions to practice extensively. The free app is available on all platforms and you can download it here

Good luck with your studies

I am using 

 for last 2 weeks. This is so far the best App for me after evaluating more than 15-20 app.




Not an ITTO game but you can try this ITTO memory jogger guide .


Good luck.