Is it worthy to go for a PMP Bootcamp?

They claim that I can pass the exam the next day after we finish the bootcamp. It is a 4 days course:

Please advise because I'm willing to attend this course in September. Is it a waste of money or is it a good idea please?



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Well I have seen there ad's in a few places and everyone claim the same. My instructor from whom I attented the boot camp for the PMP exam claimed 99% success rate.

But it's you who are attempting the exam and it's you who can decide whether you can pass or not.

The Bootcamps are good but can be great if you know something before attending it. I would suggest to read a few times the PMBOK guide and also some other reputable book besides googling here and there for some PMIisms etc.

The point I want to make it in here is that when you go to the bootcamp, you should not be blank. You must have already learned a few things and must be familarize with many terms and jargons etc.

SO when you attempt the bootcamp, you will get the most out of it and can fill in your gaps by asking and inquiring about those things that you have had bad time or you couldnt understand well....

"Just imagine for yourself in Four or Five days you cannot understand the PMBOK guide if you are already not familarize with it"

Hope it will be helpful for all.


It depends on your learning style.  Question yourself : Am I good at self learning by referring PMBOK and some standard reputed books available in the market?

or Do I need a class room discussion sessions to absorb the materials?  If so, 4-5 days of intense course or a semester worth slow pace?

Since September is quite far away, shall I take a mid-way approach and test some waters by taking an online self learning course material that is less expensive and allows me to learn at my convenient hours?

Once your mind gives a solid answer to these questions, your approach gets defined.

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