Is it worth spending money on these resources

Doing an internet search I came across Testking. It is asking for $80.00 for close to 3000 practice questions. Has anybody used this resource before? Is it worth spending the money?

I take my test in 4 days. Should I be investing here?


IMHO, without knowing the source of this website - for accuracies and standard of the
questions along with the difficulty level etc.,

it will be hard for anyone to advice you.  Obviously decision is yours to make.

my 2 cents,

Hi pmpSGI,

One thing I must tell you is that, Test King is really good at Cisco and MCSE Exam practice question and not PMP Exams. So if you really want access and do mock exams, please do a search on where you can purchase individual practice exams for $20.00 for I believe 4 Days. Their practice exams is really close to the real PMP Exam. This is just my two cents of advise.


Now has increased the cost:

1 test costs $25.00
and 4 tests (including FREE one) will cost $60.00.

Don't know how much time they provide to finish these PMP tests though.

Thanks for you input all. I have decided to buy the practice tests from Thanks! 

Wish you all the BEST in your exam...!

Thank you. I go wednesday :)

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