Is it required to memorize input/ouputs

I am finding it difficuilt to memorize input outputs? I wanted to check with experts here is it required to memorize input outputs. ?


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I would say it will help a lot to memorize the inputs , tools and outputs (ITTO)

 There are questions in exams where they will ask you straight what is ITTO for a particular process.  Besides there are some knowledge areas like Risk Management where you are required to know the exact sequence.

 TIP:  Keep memorizing ITTO as last step in your study plan. Meaning after you have read PMBOK and other stuff 3-4 times, and you are comfortable with terminologies, you can start memorizing ITTO for selected Processes.

 Remember its not required to memorize entire ITTO, only selected processes. Check the Study Materials section on this site for Memory Aids etc.