Input on PMP Exam

Hi Friends,

     I am here to share my experience towards the journey PMP.

1. My preparation started in 2010 Oct. Taken up the exam and could not clear in first attempt.

2. I have  put on more efforts than earlier and to clear the exam. Taken the exam in 2012 but could not clear.

3. I have attended the training from one of the training institue and got the updated version aligned to me and taken mocks near to 6500 questions and taken up the exam in 2013  twice. My mock scores were between 72-89% in Scordo, PMP Fast track, PMStimulator, PMStudy(1,2,3,4) , Oliver, Head First.But finally could not clear.

4. Today after continous 3months of regerious effort and since last 15 days almost 16 hours of a day dedication on preparation of PMP and the score as below:

first time before reading pmbok and rita for this attempt scorded 

Rita-PMP-66.5 and Ritas Super PMP---54.5, Pmstimulator--55%

After one complete round of reading of both PMBOK and Rita my scores went up as below


Super PMP-74%

Christopher Scordo-1-18----Ranged between 74%-79%


Oliver ---71%

Pmstudy (1,2,3,4)====73%-79%


Finally in exam it is surpising my scores were




Monitoring & Controlling==BP



Since I am not a person of giving up I have never givenup and taken 5 times and put my sincere efforts every time I appeared for the Exam, but still I could not clear the exam.

To my surprise todays attempt of my PMP exam was easy and straight farward. I am and was very very confident I will clear with 5 Ps but I failed the exam.

So now is it the time to finally say "GOOD BYE PMP" or try for one more attempt? Please share your valuable inputs on this and guide me to reach my GOAL of achieving PMP.






Hey Vishwanath -

Things are not working for you. I consider myself an average mind human and I was able to crack the PMP exam with 3-4 months of preparations with just 1-2 hours of daily efforts. As per my knowledge this much preparations is enough to crack this exam. On reading your long journey with sad output, I feel these:

  1. You are over reading books and preparing more than what is needed
  2. You are putting too much of time
  3. You are listening to lot many people which gives you lot many advices
  4. You are stressed with result

As a friend here is my advice:

  • Flush everything and don’t look back since they did not work for you.
  • Just read PMBOK once with any one reference book again (say Rita) and this time just put 2 hours a day.
  • Choose mock tests which you have not used before and just choose 2 providers this time.
  • When you take the exam the next time go with a mind set to accept failure so that you have nothing to loose.

My brother, life and career is beyond passing exam, they are rather wider and bigger realities. We have millions of non PMP certified people in this globe who are standing on higher level than PMP certified people, you can be one among them too. Believe in honest efforts and don’t run to chase success. Make PMP exam preparation a game, enjoy it and play.

Come back again here after 3 months and post a different story, I will wait for that. J

Saket, PMP

Well said Saket. Very honest and true. I have seen your posts here, just want to thank you for all your give backs here.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Saket,

    Thank you Saket for your valuable inputs. Can you kindly share your valuable advice whether I should make one more attempt for PMP or drop it as Im currently unable to decide. Can you please help me with your valuable suggesstion please.



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Yes, passing the PMP is a struggle.

I admire your persistence.

If you want my advice, go to my Richard Kraneis website and leave a comment.  I'll contact you via email with my advice.

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