Initiation question from Scordo book

Linda is a project manager in charge of an online banking project. The project has completed phase 1 and is moving into the next phase of the project. Which of the following processes must be carried out first for the phase 2?
Define Scope
Identify Stakeholders
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan

He said that the answer is identify stakeholders! Shouldn't it be develope the charter?!

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Charter is defined for entire project and not for individual phases of the project. First thing you can do is identify the right stakeholders, which will help you define the scope and hence you will be able to develop a Project plan for phase 2

It is good to know that Charter is for the whole project not for phases,

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And oftentimes charter is defined by the Sponsor, not by the Project Manager. It authorizes the project manager to take up the project.

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it is never defined or authorized by the project manager,

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