An Important understanding for Expert Judgement in PMBOK 5th Ed

Thank you so much for helping me understand the concept that EEF and OPA can be considered input in every processes 
although it is not explicitly mentioned in PMBOK guide. 
My Next question is:
Why Expert Judgement is not a T&T for the following processes?
and Do I need to remember the fact that these processes do not have Expert Judgement mentioned as Tools and Technique in 
PMBOK 5th edition?
These processes are:
1>Collect Requirements
2>Develop Schedule
3>Plan Quality Management
4>Plan Communication management
5>Perform Quality Assurance
6>Acquire PT
7>Develop PT
8>Manage PT
9>Conduct Stakeholder Engagement.
10>Validate Scope
11>Control Scope
12>Control Cost
13>Control Quality
14>Control Procurement
15>Close Procurement