I passed the thingy yesterday with a $5 book!

I passed yesterday. Here's my story.

Got PMBOK from library. Impossible to read/follow. Tried other books (including a few famous ones. Fortunately I didn't have to pay for them. Yes, I am cheap but I value my time/money). They didn't help, either. Thought I should cancel the exam and forget about this PMP crap...

Then I saw a message on this forum a couple of weeks ago. Went Amazon and bought a $5 manual. It helped me to go through PMBOK once, no more and no less. Did a few free practices and scored about 75-80% range. As I was able to memorize the process map finally, I guess I want to gamble it: What's the heck...there's not much tech stuff anyway.

Went to the test center and tried to do my brain-dump of process map during tutorial time. The lady actually came in and reminded me I need to start the exam (she must have thought I had some kind of nerve breakdown!). Finished the exam within about 2 hours. Then I wasted my time to check (actually redid) each question one by one, very, very slowly. I didn't have the time to finish my checking, although I already put in every answer in the first 120 minutes (what a joke!!!)

My final score was not bad: 4P and 1MP (thought I would have done better in planning part because that's what I do everyday!).

Anyway, my advice to everyone out there still sweating: there's no point of spending hundreds of dollars (or hours) on this thing. It's just an exam. PMBOK has some values but really limited. If you work in a specialized industry like me, PMBOK is too generic to be any practical purpose. The whole exam is all about knowing the process map. The more you know, the more likely you will pass. No, I wouldn't memorize every ITTO for every process. No, I wouldn't practice 6000 questions.

Enough ranting. For those who still want to give it a shot, that $5 e-book is called "PMP guaranteed", which I loaded on my iPhone to read with PMBOK. I am too lazy to post a link. You guys can go to Amazon to do a search.

Take my advice. If you get your PMP by paying more than $10 on top of PMBOK, your name is Mr. Nut Cake. Doesn't matter how many P you are getting...BTW, I think PMP exam is overpriced (should be only $50 instead of $500+).