I passed PMP week of June 11, 2009

I studied starting around 4/15, 2009, every weekend, but weekday evenings I am too tired because of working full time, but try to review in between.


I used three books

 Andy Crowe's how to pass PMP on first time, this wil provide a good foundation.

Rita's book, however, goes more into how the processes interact with each other and she has exercises to help you with knowing what comes next.

and I used the PMBOK

I would write each knowledge area and process area out so you understand them vertically and horizontally.   Then memorize the top key inputs and outputs for each process.  Make sure you understand carefully which tools and techniques go with each process, especially with regard to risk and quality which are two very tricky areas to understand and keep clear in your head.

I would not only read PMBOK through two times, but I would take notes as well so you understand concepts and key phrases, and do not forget about code of ethics - make sure you read that over and understand it, the content on that one is easy. 

Also the definitions in the back of the PMBOK help seal your knowledge of specific concepts.

I found my exam to have many situational questions,where two answers could easily could have been correct.  But focus, concentrate, remember what each process does, your roles, organizational structures, etc and you will do fine!!!

 I used readysetpass for sample questions, the questions in both the Crowe and Rita book and I felt very prepared.  I referred to Kim Heldman's book as well, but think her book and Crowe's book are about the same.   If you use Rita book, use the PMBOK as she references it in her book to seal the concepts, that seems to help, especially if the PMBOK puts you to sleep.    

 I hear the 4th version of the PMBOK is easier to understand for all newcomers taking the test after June 30.   Good luck to all -- all of the time investment is worth it. 








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Congratulations Karen on this achievement . Good to see your tips for the forum memebers.