I passed PMP exam at my first attemp

Hi All,

I passed the PMP exam in this week! 3P, 2MP

While I started studying I was wondering how people write such a long lessons learned. But now I understand that beside giving other aspirants valuable information, by writing lessons learned we express our proud on our long and hard study and our strategy of study. So summary of my PMP experience was as below:

Duration of my study is 4 months excluding formal education. I have bachelor and masters degree where I had Project Management courses so I didn't have to attend any course to get 35 hours of education.



1. I started with PMBOK. I read through it. 1 chapter per day or two. Unlike others PMBOK was not boring. Highlighted important paragraphs.

2. I read through Rita's book. 1 chapter per 1-3 days. After finishing reading I did chapter end practice tests. Result was 65-75% I reviewed both correct and inorrect answers. Highlighted important paragraphs.

3. I read through Andy Crowe. It was very light after Rita's. Highlighted important paragraphs.

4. I skimmed and read highlighted parts of all books before mock tests and after mock tests.

While I was reading these books I took notes in MS Word. (I can share if you want.) I extended notes with better information on the internet.


Practice Tests

- I did mock test (in total around 3000 Questions) from different sources mainly from free resources. See below table of results to comparing and benchmarking.

- I always did timing 72 seconds per question.

- I always marked those I may change answer. Mainly limbo between two options.

- I always did secondary marked list to reduce number of main mark list and if I still had a time then I reviewed mark 2 list on paper. Pareto approach :). Always reviewed wrong and primary and secodnary marked questions. And sometimes correct questions as well - especially in good mocks.

- Logged success rate, fail reason categories such as "Incorrectly read question", "Weak knowledge in ITTO", "Complete new knowledge" etc. And Knowledge area where available.

- I did 2nd,3rd,4th mocks of same source if I felt it is good quality, difficult and logical with new knowledge.

- After each mock test I exteneded my notes with new terms, and notes.


Few days Before Exam

- 4 weeks before exam, I took 1 week off from work and I studied 5 days, 8-10 hours per day. I did 4-5 full lenght mock.

- then I felt ok and scheduled an exam day.

- 1 week before exam I took another 1 week off from work. But unfortunately I and my daughter were fully sick. Were not able to fully focused as I had to go to hospital etc. I did my best and studied 4-5 days.

- I reviewed all notes (around 50 pages), PMBOK and Rita's book.

- 2 days before exam I went to exam center in same city and checked where it is exactly where I can park. I discovered heavy traffic so it was really good decision to check exam center in advance.


On Exam day

- On the exam date I had a breakfast, reached almost 1,5-2 hours early.

- I was really sick. I forget my medicines :(. I drunk a coffee and a water.

- I did exam in a same room with other 5-10 people for different exam types.

- I gave exam without any break not even tiny pause.

- I was almost falling down after exam, because illness went worse, barely breathing.

- I did brain dump after tutorial with processes and formulas. Referred 4-5 times. You should do.

- Time was enaough 19 mites left at the end.

- Questions not that difficult if you really studied well. DO MOCK TESTS.

- Marked around 30 questions but reviewed 5-10 of them. Changed 3-4 questions.

- Had secondary mark list on scratch papaer with short reference. 2 questions helped me to answer another 2 questions. :)

- Checked time but every 30 min. On scratch paper I did time table like:

1h 50Q

1.5h 75Q

2h 100Q


- Try to finish first 60 questions in 60 min.

- Some people wrote first part is difficult and then easy. For me first part easier then bit difficult, then easier. So it depends.



Mock results:


- Rita Chapter end tests:                              65-75%

- Andy Crowe chapter end test:                   75-85%

- Kim Heldman Assessment Test - 200Q:    60% (found lots of knowledge gaps)

- Simplilearn Free Test - 200Q:                    68%

- PM PrepCast Free Test - 31Q:                   58% (testing environment was disturbing)

- PM PrepCast Free Test 3- 30:                    86%

- PM PrepCast Free Test 3- 80:                    76%

- Head First Free - 200Q:                              80%

- PMStudy Free test - 200Q                           82%

- ExamCentral Random Free test - 200Q       90%

- Rita's PM Fast Track Full Test -200Q          75.5%

- PMPForSure Free Test - 100Q                      64%

- Christopher Scordo Very First Test - 50Q     88%

- PMZilla Tough 30Q -                                   57%

- PMPForSure Test 1-100Q -                         71%

- Christopher Scordo Mock 13 50Q -            74%

- Christopher Scordo Mock 15 50Q -              82%

- Christopher Scordo Mock 18 50Q-              80%

- Andy Crowe Final Exam from Book 200Q - 90%

- PMZillaTough 200Q -                                  65%

- Oliver Lehmann 175Q -                                 78%

- PMDEN Cost Management 10Q -                90%



Good luck

More questions welcome

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Congratulations. i see you have taken lot of mock tests and have got good scores also. Any feedback on PMZilla Questions ?:

I tried PMZilla tough 200 almost at the end. Therefore some of the questions I have seen already. :) But I found very helpful and price as 12$ is also reasonable. People SHOULD try it. Thank you PMZilla for everthing especiall admin who is trying to help everybody repliying all threads.

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Congrats! I have confusion on whether we need to score minimum in each process?What is the mandatory scoring percentage in each process? or it is a aggregate of all 5 process scores whatever the scores in each process?


Congratulations on achieving your PMP!

I will be thankful for sharing your notes in MS Word:




Thanks! Uploaded few files.

That image you can zoom in. For repeating documents/outputs input is given in only first one. Eg. Change request - input is given in first one in integration KA.

For some tricks on ITTO see another thread here:




can you share where to find the Kim Heldman Test 200Q


I have an access to PMI portal, I have google it but can't find it

is it part of a book?


Would also like to know about the Kim Heldman 200Q test and also have a PMI member login. Please pass along a link if it is a free test.

Thank you,

Kim Heldmann's tests are part of book. I didn't read the book and I believe if you have Rita's and Andy's books or similar, you won't have that big knowledge gap. So don't worry you don't miss. Only one thing is Kim structured his book according to Process groups unlike other books by Knowledge areas. It was also another reason I didn't read so not to mix everything at the end. Maybe I read it as having passed the exam.

One more tip is I created my own flash cards using


Really nice website with android and iphone apps. So you can memorize, study on the way in bus, metro etc. I memorized,:

- quality pioneers, for what they are popular,

- tuckmann ladder,

- motivation theories,

- estimate ranges; ROM etc.,

- 7 conflict resources

and all others which I thought need to remember beside formulas.

Not sure if you can open, link: http://www.cram.com/flashcards/memorize-5057491