I Passed the PMP on 15 Jan 2015 (First Attempt)

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I passed the PMP exam at my firt attempt on 15/Jan/2015.

I started hard study on 15/October/2014 with more than 4 hours every working day and more than 10 hours on weekend.

First of all studied PMBok and Rit prepExam on parallel, I read every process on PMBok and get the high level knowledge and then go deeply in this process on Rita book, then return back to PMbok to hiegligt the most important note and lines on it. And so go ahead for next process, untill finsh the Kowledge chapter, then start to solve quistion of Rita chapter.

Each chapter last for 4 days as average, after tow month on mid of dcember i schduled the exam on end of the month, but unfortunatly for special reasons I reschduled the exam to be on 15 Jan 2015.

during this time I read and solved HeadFirst last edition.

Then I started with Mock tests as following:

Exam Q Score Note
HeadFirst - Free 200 81% Medium
PMStudy Free 200 70% Medium
Oliver Lehman - Free 75 68% Medium
Simplelearn1 - Free 200 69% Not Clear
Oliver Lehman - Free 175 71% Hard
Rita Chapters 2nd Time 406 76% Hard
PMSimulator - Free 170 70% Not Clear
ExamCentral - Free 200 81% Easy
Simplelearn2 - Free 200 67% Not Clear
PMPZilla Tough  30 47% Hard/ Not clear
TechFAQ360 - Free 100 84% Easy
PMStudy 4th exam - 25$ 200 78% Hard
Total 2156 75%  

I read Head first book it was as fun book and can be used just to fix the concepts and build scenarios to be easy to remember the concepts.

Finally on 15 Jan 2015 I found the exam like a medium Mock test, on the first 100 quistions it was easy and logically answers, but the next 100 quistion it was above medium.

I got the result as following:

Init - Mod

Plan - Pro

Exec - Mod

M&C - Mod

Close - Pro

Note: the lesson learned in PMZill it was as baseline for me and very usefull to decide my level of readiness to exam.

thank you for all ...



Marwan Alrihawi,PMP

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congratulations and thanks for posting here

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thank you

Hi all,

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