I finally did it the second time! I passed the exam!

Failing the exam the first time came as a big shock to me because I was sure I had prepared enough. I was disappointed to say the least. But I decided to put my foot down and get studying again. After all I wasn’t going to give up after trying once.
So I began identifying my weaknesses and realised that I was overconfident and didn’t practice as much as I should have.
I finally sat my exam on 22 Nov after studying regularly for the past couple of months and passed with 4P and 1MP. This is what I did.
• I read the PMBOK inside out 2 times
• I also practiced Rita questions and sat around 80%
• I also did Oliver Lehmann and Head First questions and got around 85%
• Pmzilla questions
• I have done simplilearn
• I also downloaded the PMP Exam Mentor App for free and used it for flashcards and practice questions.  This is what I used to do quick revision on my way to work.
• In the last few days, I would skim through the Rita and PMBOK at home along with the app.
After those 3 months spent studying, I felt confident in my ability to sit the exam. Those four hours seem like such a blur but I do remember looking at the screen and realising I had finally passed and that too with 4P and 1MP after falling once. I hope to share some of my wisdom as I had been a silent spectator for most times not sure if I was capable of answering questions. 
Neil, PMP


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Great. Congratulations on successful completion of PMP.