I Failed PMP Test Yesterday. Reexamination???

I failed PMP exam yesterday and I now know exactly which area I need to study more.

I am trying to reschedule the exam as early as I can but I cannot find any link for reexamination in PMI website. How can I schedule for reexamination online? 

In MyPMI section, it is still displayed as "You may now schedule your PMP examination" as it was before I take the exam. In the prometric website, my eligibility ID I used for 1st exam doesn't work anymore.

Please help me find WHERE I can reschedule the reexamination. I do not have much time.. I have to pass this week or I will not be able to take exam until next year.

In the credential handbook, it does not have much information on reexamination- only that you can take it 3 times a year and so on.

For those who took PMP reexamination, how did you get the new eligible ID? How did you pay for the reexamination fee? I cannot find anything! Help me!

I dont know the exact route by why dont you start by calling prometric and PMI phone numbers..you can get some clue from the horses mouth. 

All the best

Can you share why you might have failed the exam?

Give it some time, did U give it on Friday/Saturday? it I think takes one working day to update yr info. so yr info will appear on Monday and thn u can re-book this exam.

Hope this info is helpful and best of luck for the next try.

I am sure you will go through.



I took the exam on Saturday. Looks like it is why it's not showing up. I was so angry that I wanted to take the reexamination on Tuesday. But after a day of thinking, I decided that I should really give at least a week to prepare more.  Damn you PMP!!

You have to wait. PMI will send to you e-mail, so you can pay reexamination fee $275 and reschedule your exam. (In my case, they responded in 2 days). Good-luck!

You need a 1 day after you presented the exam to refresh the pmi system to enable the same process

to reschedule your new opportunitie.

Yes, youe have only 3 times to present the exam.

This exam is difficult & you need to reforce your areas.

In your exam, It shows the 5 knowledge areas, you have expertisse.

Read your sheet (shit) evaluation, this explain MB, BP & P grades & your correct anwers showed has PASS or Fail.

The important thing is reforce your knowledge, if you practice test you feel or know how are you in your expertise. If you didn't practice you'r loose in the sea.

Please, I should you need study at least 1 moth to reforce your mistakes.

But, you don't exasperate. Once time you don't pass It's once time you loose this year.

I write my experience this days my experience.

Follow me & Laughing with me my history.

Because when I pass I don't feel happy

I only feel steady trickle, because I was freedom

:) Good Luck in your game.

I called PMI for the same reasons, they told me it takes 72 hours before the results would show up in PMI system, they the link will be active again for you to reschdule.

I have written a post that describes 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam You should read this point and imbibe all the points. This will help you in determining what you should do and what you should not do. For example you must attend a training course and you should read PMBOK Guide. But you should not overtly rely on free sources (some free sources are good).
All the best.