I cleared PMP certification

I cleared my PMP certification on 2nd Dec-2008. Here is my Lesson Learned: 

I took almost 4-5 months for the preparation.

Books referred:

  • Rita
  • HeadFirst
  • KimHeldman and Verma’s on Delegation (From PMI resource)

 Once I felt that I got the good command on all the knowledge areas and process groups, started referring blogs and lesson leaned from many PMP related blog sites. 

Once I felt my preparation is now to the best. I started looking into all the sample papers available free on the net.   It gives me the idea how the real exam questions can be. I scheduled the date.

Exam Day:-

During 1st 15 minutes of initial tutorial, I wrote down all the formulas and other concepts like float, forward pass, backward pass, Values for 1Sigam, 2Sigma, 3Sigma, 6Sigma, Order of magnitude, conceptual limit, definitive limit, etc.   

For me around 30 % questions were easy as they were directly from the Input, techniques, output, HR motivation, Conflict resolutions, diagram & numericals for SPI, CPI, BAC and critical path,etc

Remaining 70% were tough and were very confusing. Seems like having 2 correct answers and you have to select the best. Here your concepts and understanding will play an important role.

I Completed all the 200 questions in 3 hrs (including 5minutes break in between).

To any question I selected the best answer to my understanding, and in case I was having a bit doubt I marked it for review.  Remaining 1 Hr I spent in reviewing the marked questions and did change to some of the questions as well during this cycle. I was in between when the time out message appears.

Suddenly the screen got blank and after a minute a window for feed back appeared. I was bit nervous so thought of skipping this window and pressed the end button.

My hearting was beating very fast and suddenly the Congratulation message appears. I was really relieved.

I have given many exams and certification but I felt the maximum unsure of the result only in the PMP certification.

I will not say that it is very tough to get through PMP but really it require better understanding of the concepts.    All the best for all the aspiring PMP guys.

Nirmal Tyagi