A hypothetical question

This question just came to my mind. It is not from a book or question bank. Therefore, i do not know the right answer - 

Suppose i am a project manager and i work in US. I am managing a virtual team. My team members are located in India. One of the team member asked me if i can send him the project charter.

I scan the project charter and send it to the team member in India as an email attachment. 

What type of  communication  i just used ?

1) Is it Formal Written as the email has Project Charter in it ?

2) Is it Informal Written as i used email to send the information ?

Rita's book says on page 386 that communications over long distances are Formal Written. Does it apply to emails between me in US and my team members in India ?

Thanks for the insight..

This question is not from a book. Therefore, i do not know the right answer.






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Good Question, its FORMAL for sure, as its Project Charter , and its in WRITING , so Formal - Written. 

Answer is Formal Written:


Does't mean sending messages thru email is informal written.  It is the matter of Long Distance.  You are sending a Project Charter that is official.