How is verification different from Validation ?

Q : How is verification different from validation ? 

A :  While verification is an internal process, Validation involves Customer Acceptance.

B : While validation  is an internal process, Verification involves Customer Acceptance

C : Both are same 

D : none of the above 

my Query is Verification deliverables is input to VALIDATE SCOPE and validated Changes is input to M&C process. 

I chosed Answer B : wheras The right answer is A

Please clarify me how come A is the write answer. 

yes, Option A is right..  FYI..

    Verification: Are we building the product right? (This is static method for verifying design,code. and done by Team members )

    Validation:   Are we building the right product? (This is dynamic process for checking and testing the real product.product acceptance by the customer)

Control quality  process talks about this verification(i.e. performed by internally).

Validate Scope process talks about this validation (i.e. Customer Acceptance).

Answer is A.

we can also relate verification to prevention and validation to inspection.

Prevention is internal done by the project team and Inspection is external done with the customer Control Quality

A is the best answer. Verification is done by internal customers while validation involves the client or the external customers. - Paul Savramis