How to prepare for PMP - my first post


I joined this forum today only and i am very new to PMP preparations.

I have a basic question... i have 9 yrs experience in IT industry and i am working with Reputed MNC in bangalore(India). Although my role is of Tech lead i am not into day to day PM activities, but in order to grow to next level i am planning to take PMP exam.


I am well aware of SDLC cycle and the various processes followed and i am doing the man hour estimates/effort estimates  for the project deliverables also..but not full fledged PM role/activites


I need inputs from you great guys who have cleared the exam/preparing for the it correct to take this exam with my exp level(IT industry) , what challenges can i face, what would be a good strtergy to start from very scratch or i need to have more exposure on PM role before i go with it.

Requesting your valuable feedback




 Dear Aditya,

        You can very much take the PMP Exam with your exp. Before you taking the decesion of whether you are in the right position to take the exam, I suggesst you to read Head First For PMP. Try to complete in a weeks time, then you can know where exactly do you stand. since that you have 9yrs of Experience you might not be aware that you are have knowledge of PMP but not the terminology. Once you read the Head first and get acquinted with the terminology of PMP, then you can deceide to when to take the exam.

 I am sure if you are really interested then you can take up the exam. It usually takes min 2-3months of  time to prepare yourself to clear the exam. there are even people who cleared the exam in one months span too. It all depends on how you have grasped the understanding of the Process groups and knowledge areas.

You will be right person to justify the time you need to take up the exam.

If you have decided by now to take PMP Exam in near furture I suggesst you to read Head First and then PMBOK. The most important do not get carried away with the note saying that PMP is tough and so on.

Just try to understand the concepts clearly and follow the posts on PMZILLA regularly and practise alot of Questions. This is the Key to success. There are many friends on this site who are ready to share tips and guide you in clearing the exam and support you in all clarrification.





Thanks Vishwanath for ur comments and suggestions...i will surely give my wholehearted efforts on this and will follow on this portal for further inputs/suggestions.

I Believe i need to read all the books aligned with PMBOK 5'th edition only....or to start with other editions will be equally helpful?

 Well said!

I say study hard and be confident. Don't forget to pray too, it helps relieve anxiety. - YOR Health

 Dear Freind,

        I suggest you to read Head First to get an idea of how and what PMP is about.



U r referring to : Head First PMP 3e..i believe it wl be aligned to PMBOK 5'th edition

 Yes Please Read Head First