How much time do I need to study in order to clear the PMP certification?

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Some time ago, I conducted a poll of PMP certified professionals. I asked how much time did they take to finish the study and crack the exam. As per the poll, it requires anywhere between 2–12 weeks to pass the PMP exam.

You can read more about the poll by reading this article -How much time is required for PMP preparation?

Free PMP Exam Prep Guide

To understand more about the prep strategy and schedule, you should visit the following link and download free PMP Exam Prep guide - How To Get PMP Certification - Download Free Guide. This guide gives complete information about the PMP Exam, including:

* Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam

* Pros & cons of different modes of training

* Study approach to pass the exam in first attempt

* Suggested PMP exam preparation schedule

* Recommended study material for the exam prep

PMP Exam Prep

You would need 3 things to prepare for the PMP exam:

1. A 35 contact hour training

2. A PMP reference book

3. A PMP exam simulator

35 Contact Hour Training

You can get PMP training in 3 different modes. There are obvious pros & cons of each mode.

1. Classroom Training

2. Self-learning mode - simply called online training

3. Instructor-led mode - called live online training

Out of these self-learning courses are cheapest.

Classroom Training

The classroom training courses are the best for learning. They can increase the chances of your success substantially.

To do a classroom training, you should find the best trainer in your city. The trainer is the most important aspect of a classroom training. You would be spending 4 days with the trainer.

If the trainer is not good then these 4 days will be wasted and your money will go down the drain.

Most people look for the best institute but I think the trainer is more important than the institute. An aspirant remains in contact with the trainer for 4 days. The institute has very little role during these 4 days. It does not mean that the institute is not important. A good institute would provide comprehensive study material & good post workshop support. But first find out a good trainer and then choose the institute. You can search on LinkedIn to find good trainers in your city.

Classroom course are usually most expensive. The classroom training can cost between $200-$2500 depending on your geography/country. If you are living in South Asia, a classroom course will cost less than an good online self-learning course.

Self-Learning Courses

These courses are good if you have got good self-discipline & self-motivation. If you decide to do a self-learning training, then you should read the review & comparison of 6 popular self-learning training courses - Best PMP Online Training Course - 6 Popular Courses Compared.

You can save a lot of money by taking a good self-learning course - usually a good course costs between $200-$400. The prices of 6 popular courses are mentioned in the above article.

Instructor Led Courses

These courses are good if you need a defined training schedule with some flexibility. These are much better for learning than self-learning courses but they are not as good as classroom courses. If you decide to go for an instructor led course, then you should read the review & comparison of 6 popular instructor-led online PMP training courses -Best PMP Live Online Training - 6 Popular Courses Compared.

These are more expensive than self-learning courses but somewhat less expensive than classroom courses - usually a good instructor led course costs between $200-$2000. The prices of 6 popular courses are mentioned in the above article.

Best PMP Reference Book

A training can kick-start the things but a PMP reference book is also an important part of the preparation. A book would be your constant study companion so you should choose it well. I have written an article with the title as Best PMP book. It provides comparison of 4 popular PMP books. You can read this article to choose and buy the best book. Different people have different learning styles. So what may be good for others, may not be suitable for you.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Lastly, you would need a good exam simulator towards the end of your preparation. I have written an article to do a detailed review & comparison of 5 popular PMP exam simulators.
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Hello Sanjay, I am really impressed by your words regarding PMP preparation and the time to take up the PMP Certification Exam. Well I took my PMP Training in Hyderabad at Aadseducation they provided me with the most valuable information and also support at my training but even though I was in a bit confused manner about the preparation Anywayz finally your words made my confusion cleared
Thank you so much Sanjay please keep updating any sort of information related to PMP

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Hello Venupuram,
Thanks for your comment. Definitely try to post update about pmp.
You can view more update PMP here :PMP Updates

Thankyou so much sanjay... If any of your friends or relatives prefer for PMP Training and Certification you can refer the training center aadseducation in which where I felt really good regarding my ,PMP Training indepth knowledge on PMP concepts are been delivered.

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