How many Books / References to use for Preparation


I am in Dilemma, having prepared for 2 months for PMP, i am now facing confidence issues in my preparation.

 THe reason being other forums, have people saying that the more books the better, and they are refering to PMBOk, Rita, Andy crowe, and also registering on to use their 24X7 books and articles..

some articles say that you need more in depth experience to pass the exam, i understand that we need some basic proj. mgmt. hands on, but the questions in PMP exam are mostly out of the books...

Can someone please help me out, jot down a list of books that would be good, for passing the Exam.



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 When it comes to PMP exam , one size does not fit all. That is the reason you see so many different opinions . What you can do is read the LL on this site and see what most people have done. Based on your comfort level and your exp. you can choose on what is best for you.

 Generally one book like Andy or Rita along with PMBOK and 3-4 practice exams are enough for most people. But few people like to do much more, just to ensure that the effort is not wasted

 Hope this helps