how to get PDUs?

iam a PMP since 3 years.. my pmp is about to be expired so i want to maintain it by get PDUs..

iam a project manager since 8 years..

i heard that i can get 10 PDUs for every year being a Project manager.. but how? 

any ideas?

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Yes you can claim 5 PDUs per year for practicing PM , so 15 PDUs in last 3 years. Also you must have done atleast 5 hours of self learning, for which you can claim another 5 PDUs

 For remaining 40 PDUs, I suggest that you attend 40 hours of training course by REP since you are nearing expiration. 

 Did you publish any article, ? Develop any course material or did you give any PM trainings? If so you can claim for that too.

 Login to your account on, there you will see CCR link, download the PDF from your account, it has all the information.