How do non-PMs achieve 4,500 hours for Eligibility


I'm new here and so glad I found you all!  I'm struggling with how to pursue a PMP when I've never been a PM before and the first step in eligibilty beyond bachelors (which I have in Comp Sci) is  "4,500 hours and the project dates must indicate that the candidate has at least three (3) years of project management experience within the six-year (6) period prior to the application." 

Please give me some insight on how you pulled this together.

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You are asking us to assit you on fraud. Sorry, any PMP guy is not supposed to practice fraud, its against the ethics of PMI. We should notify PMI about this unethical practice.

If you dont have PM experience, wait for 3 years for this. I did so. There is no point in clearing PMP without having real PM experience.

You really mistakened my question and my character...I'm not that kind of person who would do that trickery. I'm young  and deteremined and trying to get direction to the Top of what I desire to be which in an IT Project Manager. Two of the other 4 responses (including your 2nd response) were less harsh and judgement and more understandable. Thank you for trying to answer me.

I didn't really mean to be harsh on you. If you are young and aspire to become PMP, then you need to satishfy the criteria. I dont see any other (non-fraud) ways to show that you have 4500 hrs of experience in Project Management areas. PM areas are different than working in a Project.

Hence first step is to get genuine PM areas expertise. Atleast you need to do this for 2 years. Roughly each year is 2000 hrs PM hours assuming you are full time into project management (no coding, design etc), else it will take more years.

I would say, you need to wait and climb step by step.

Remember PMP is not entry level certification.

If you are not having PM experience, I will suggest get that first and then take this certification, only then it will help you in your professional life.

in my personal opinion,  please read code of ethics on PMI site also. If you dont have something, then dont claim you have it.

I don't think you need to be a PM.  The application says you must have had experience in all the Project Phases.  Meaning you can be a Project Contributor.  Please let me know if i am wrong.

I have never seen an non PM has expertise in all the phases of project management. If you have seen any, pls let me know. I have seen leads helping the PM, by giving some inputs on efforts etc and managing a small team. But nothing more than that. Leadership is different than management.

I didn't get as far as I am today believing people with comments like this. I'm young and seeking to develop.

Thank you for giving me some clarity on exactly what level PMP is on. I needed information in a certain way (directly from those experienced) and I figured I will come here to get it. I will do more research and I am now working on projects at my company (Apple).