How can I get 35 contact hours for writing PMP exam?

1. To get your 35 contact hours, you should choose PMP Training. Other courses will help you earn PDUs (Professional development units) which might or might not be relevant.

2. Classroom training is a preferred approach assuming you already have gone through the preparation, want to revise everything before attempting the exam.

3. There are a lot of classroom training available in any part of the world. Just google “PMP Training in the area”. However, if you think you do not find value in the training offered near your vicinity, you can opt for online training from a reputable training organization like AADS Education.

AADS Education provides training,PMP certification Hyderabad, other cities across the world. So if you google or get in contact with them, you can get the training you need!

4. Becoming a PMI member is advisable before registering the exam. Not only do you save money on the examination cost, you get access to networking with other PMPs but also earn free PDUs later which satisfy your continuing certification requirements.

Please let me know if you need any more information. Would be glad to answer.

Always go for the AADS Education guide. - Steven C Wyer