How am I doing?

Hey Gurus and PMP professionals, I have my PMP exam this week. How do you see this preparations?

Books Read –
 * Started with HeadFirst
 * Read Rita once
 * Read PMBOK 2-3 times

Mock Test Results:
PMStudy – FREE: 77%
PMStudy – 1: 69%
PMStudy – 2: 72%
PMPForSure TEST SET-01 (200Q) - 72%
PMPForSure TEST SET-02 (200Q) - 64%    
PMPForSure TEST SET-03 (200Q) - 68%    
PMPForSure TEST SET-04 (200Q) - 71%   
PMPForSure TEST SET-05 (200Q) - 66%   
PMPForSure TEST SET-06 (200Q) - 61%
Head First- Test 200Q - 76%
Oliver Lehaman - 175Q - 65%
Oliver Lehaman - 75Q - 62%
SimpliLearn Test 200Q - 78%
Farnande 264Q - 71%
Techfaq360 Test 200Q - 76%
Exam Central Test 200Q - 78%

I am doing quick recap these days with PMPForSure Quick Reference, PMBOK summery and important IITO pages, Rajesh Nair Notes and some links posted here. I have my exam scheduled on this Thursday, is there anything else I can do?

Thanks in advance.


Your performance is good , best wishes . Focus on TIME,QUALITY,STAKE HOLDER MANAGEMENT,REQUIREMENT COLLECTION  areas. Thorough read on EEF/OPA from PMBOK is also recommended.

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 Doing pretty well. The fact that you have taken so many mocks, you would be better prepared.

Thank you all Guru's. Appreciate your response. I am feeling confident now, hopefully thrusday should be a good day for me.


You can

atleast Lite Mock from 15 to 18 (200 Qn)

Fernande (262 Qn)

and Kim Helman (200 Qn)

All these are Free tests available

Wish you all the best in advance.

Go with huge confidence. We await for your thursday's result with flying colors


Thank you Manoj and Bhavesh. Appreciate your comments. I will try for the Kim Mock test today as I do not have any mock left in my list to try. Tomorrow, I have taken a day off from my office, but have no plans to study anything or take any mock test. I will just enjoy monsoon with my wife and go to some close outstation.

Thank you all again, this forum rocks!!!!


Hello Friends - I cleared the PMP exam with 4P and 1MP.

Admin and forum members, thank you so much for your help and support. There is no other forum like Pmzilla for PMP. Kudos!

My LL is same what you see in this thread!