Hotel for overnight stay near Borivali Prometric Center

Hello Friends,

I have my exam scheduled in Mumbai, Borivali. Do you know any good budget hotels in and around that area? Can you please suggest one?

I have also scheduled my exam at the same centre on 11th. I have tried to seach good hoel near borivali(W) but couldn't get proper information on net. better to search personaly on prior evening

Manoj, there is a hotel in front of the center. But they are asking for 4700 as a tariff, which is little too much , for just a night's stay. Check their website:

Well, all the best buddy for the exam ... If I find a good hotel, I will post here....

There are many in Andheri, but dont wanna risk of staying too far, especially in these rains :)

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I stay at Andheri and took PMP exam from Borivali yesterday, in the morning it wouldnt take more than 45 mins by road to reach centre from Andheri i.e. if you stay in hotel situated at Andheri.

I dunno if you would like the idea of staying in Dharmshala, found one Jain Dharmashala at Borivali in below mentioned link, check if rooms are available.

Also, there is one lodge in Andheri east, very basic, No AC, just four walls :)..  Dont remember the name but its near Pinky Theatre, Andheri east.

Hope this helps. :)


Btw, I asked watchman at prometric about how people are faring in PMP exam these days.. he said passing percentage is good... I too found exam relatively easy. All the best Guys.




Thanks a ton rajrajinin ... I would prefer to stay near prometric center as my exam is at 8 AM.

I can pay upto 3k...

Thanks for the information... It takes the confidence to next level :)

And Congrats for passing PMP :)

Does anyone know if the storage lockers at the Borivali Prometric centre are large enough to hold a carry-on stroller & a laptop? Not sure when I'll be taking the exam, but I too might stay overnight and once checked out of the hotel, will have a couple of pieces of luggage with me. I presume many folks would be in this situation.

Can anyone please share their experience?



Big enough to store Laptop and normal size bag (approx 2 - 2 1/2 feet in height). Dont worry about storage, staff is courteous and will help you out..just make sure you reach bit early.



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Hi, I was also looking for a hotel in that place. I will be taking an examination too so maybe I will share what I've searched. Please refer to this one Hope it helps you too. If you are interested to be my roommate, I am also available for such option. After the examination, I'll be heading to Malaysia for a one week vacation. I'll be staying at hotel at Penang too. Let me know if you're interested to come with me.

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