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I had borrowed Head First PMP book from one of my friend (which I have heard is good in preparing for PMP exam). 

I have the book's 3rd edition : https://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Greene-Head-First-PMP/dp/B00HTK4A5A/ref=...

But now I see that there is another latest version that is out that covers the latest 2016 changes.

Latest book: https://www.amazon.com/Head-First-PMP-Greene/dp/1449364918/ref=sr_1_1?ie...

My question is since I have starting reading from the older version do I need to buy this new version book or if there are some topics I could read on afterwards. Are there a lot of changes that wont be there in the previous versions. 

(New to pmp here)

Would appreciate inputs

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Changes are minor, you can continue using your old book

Although many publishers have come out with new books after exam change in Jan 2016, but you can follow the old study material that is based on PMBOK Guide 5th ed.

for more detals, you can read these 2 articles to get a detailed answer.
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A PMP reference book is important part of the preparation. A book would be your constant study companion so you should choose it well. I have written an article with the title as Best PMP book Which is the Best PMP Book? Head First vs. Rita Mulcahy vs. Kim Heldman vs. Andy Crowe. It provides a comparison of 4 popular PMP books. You can read the article to determine which the best book for you. Different people have different learning styles. So what may be good for others, may not be suitable for you.

Good luck