Has anyone received a score since friday?

The only score reports since friday im seeing are for people who received an incorrect score report.

Has anyone received a NEW REPORT (not a correction to an old report!) since friday??

Took the exam on 10/3.  Haven't received my results yet.  When did you take your exam?

I also took the exam on 10/3. PMI has stated that it could be anywhere from today until monday. This is really awful....

Grabbed this off another forum. Not sure how it effects our test score delivery timeline but is interesting nonetheless.  Note the 10/3 end date specified.  hum....

Important update about PMP exam reports

Dear R.E.P.s:
As you may have heard, PMI recently identified errors in the scoring and reporting of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential examinations given between 31 August and 3 October 2011. An error in exam processing occurred because exams were originally scored by an erroneous scoring process so that some candidates’ pass/fail results were calculated incorrectly.
Due to this vendor processing error, some candidates were informed that they had failed, when in fact, they had passed. No PMP candidates were told they passed the exam when they had actually failed. All candidates who have taken the exam since 31 August were notified promptly with an explanation and provided with a link to access their corrected exam reports. The error has been corrected, and anyone taking the PMP exam after 9 October 2011 can be confident that their score report is accurate.


My R.E.P has forwarded me that message as well. What i don't like is that PMI is not acknowledging that their has been any stop or delay to score reporting when i call them.

It seems  very shady and i dont want to have another weekend ruined by uncertainty!

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I am also looking for the new report and wondering who send the incorrect score report and what was the purpose of sending fasle report?

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Either on my spam folder, I haven't received scores from the admin. What's wrong with the subscriber's priviledge? I should report this on college essays staff.

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