Has anyone experienced so many L-O-N-G questions on the PMP exam they couldn't finish the test?

I was caught off guard when I encountered endless lengthy questions on the PMP exam. With the exception of 5 questions (that I can remember), all of the exam questions were extremely lengthy! I didn't have enough time to answer all of the questions. I completed all of the mock practice tests I took with in 2.5 or 3 hours and I was scoring in the 80's, but nothing prepared me for what I experienced during the actual exam! I think only a speed reader could have finished the test in time. I used Andy Crowe's study material in addition to Head First PMP and the PMBOK. I need to schedule another shot at the PMP before the end of next month, but I am really concerned I will fail again if I were to encounter the same vast majority of questions being so lengthy. Any advice?

 Do not loose hope. Now you have seen the real exam. I hear that Rita's fastrack has lengthy questions. You may want to try those. I tried PMStudy. It has long questions.

Be positive and try again. I am sure you will pass.

 Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I appreciate the time you took to respond to my post.

I am not exaggerating when I said the test I had was primarily compiled of the long questions, not just a few or even half, but I can only remember 5 or so of them not being really long. Its my understanding the approved questions are grouped together according to their knowledge area and mathematical formuls. When the tests are generated via the random approved questions, the length of the questions are not being taken into account.  I think I may have a valid concern.  Just seems counterintuitive for PMI to overlook the impact the collective length of test questions may have on the PMP exam; especially when the PMP philosophy is to be prepared, be proactive whenever possible and plan, Plan, PLAN.  



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 I am assuming you have read this post 

 Yes, I did read the posting.  I appreciate your assistance. I'm just not sure if knowing the material is enough, I am concerned I will need to become a speed reader as well.

This is also a concern for me.

Two of my friends also told me that they had to deal with very large number of lengthy questions in the exam. For them the one liners were around 15/20 questions.

I am also a slow reader. To me it seems that now-a-days all PMP exams are having lenghty questions. 

I request, others to participare and throw some lithe on their experience on the length of the questions.

 I cleared my PMP last month in my first try.I remember some questions which were very long but such cases I use to read first line of question and then last line of question to upderstand what question is asking.

For example, in my exam ,i got one question where lots of situations were given and at the last question was asking input of one process.


I felt exactly the same way. I was definitely caught offguard too. Most of my questions were very wordy. If I am not mistaken, I only got, very few of one line question. After 40 minutes into the exam, I was only on Qu#25. During all my mock exams, I have been doing 1 question/min. So, I knew I was in trouble. I remember feeling how am I going to do this... started doubting myself. Took a couple of deep breaths and said to myself. I can do this!!! So, I just kept pushing forward and I managed to wrap up with 10 mins left to review.I wanted to take a break but could not as I had to keep catching up with time.

So, moving forward, I would say, keep practicing full 4 hour mock exams. I would say, none of my mock exams were anything close to the actual exams. I think what got me through it, is to just NOT give up!! I really like Rita's Exam Prep book and the Rita's FastTrack.


Veena, PMP

The lengthy questions are usually distractors . For those , i learned to read the last sentence to see what the question wants & the answers choices , then follow by 1 pass of from top to bottom to pick up the key points.