Happy to say Passed PMP First Try

I read the PMBOK once all the way through.  I read the Crosswind PMP Bootcamp manual about 6 times, focussing on Time, Cost, Risk & Procurement as those were my weakest areas I felt.  The last day of studying  I went through the book and took my own notes as a cheet sheet to read before exam.  I stayed away from so many practice tests as I feel the learning from those is hit or miss.  My theory is they are really just to get you used to the way the questions are asked and the types of questions and the exam setting rather than as a learing too.  I was doing relatively badly in the practice tests so I just plugged away at reading, re-reading the boot camp manual.  I also found a nice powerpoing for memorizing the formulas.  I was very worried about the formulas as I am afraid of numbers but honestly, if you can just memorize those, they are easy points on the exam.  I memorized them and practiced writing them out, and then did a brain dump of them all on my scratch paper as soon as I sat down.  That was my safety blanket.   I took the entire four hours and felt that I needed it.  

I got 2 p's, 2 MP's and a BP (in initiating which I neglected to study towards the end as I was focusing on the 'big stuff'!  I did kick myself about the BP but oh well, I passed.  It is doable, but don't take it too lightly and read and re-read those books if you can several times during the days leading up to the exam. 

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