Free Practice Exams for PMP (300 questions)

I have created free mock exams for PMP on following areas

1. One complete mock exam : 175 questions

2. ITTO Quiz - 50 questions

3. Knowledge area wise self assessments - 40 questions


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The PMP certification establishes a common language among project managers and helps each other work within a common framework. Once you have the PMP, you need to consider how you're applying the processes, tools, and techniques to projects. By sharing how you apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework and demonstrating that through actions, you'll build your own personal brand within the company as someone who can deliver. With each success, you should find experiences on larger projects across programs in different business organizations. By demonstrating greater competency managing more complex projects, you'll also be able to compete for more senior positions.
However, certification is merely a test; it validates academic competency, but it doesn't prove you have a historic track record of success. When hiring project managers, I often look for the PMP certification to screen incoming resumes and prioritize candidates for interviews, though I'm using the PMP to look for leadership behaviors across different projects. With enough study and creative experience, anyone can become a PMP, but the successful project managers have a track record of successful delivery using the PMBOK framework.
Ultimately, I believe long-term career success depends on the person and not the credentials. People, not certifications, deliver projects.

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