Free PMP apps?

Hi everyone

I am planning on sitting the PMP Exam and was looking for good free resources to study from. I travel a lot so preferably some free apps would be good for content revision and questions

Thanks for your help


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Hi Nitish

PMZilla is full of free resources required to Pass PMP exam. do take time to search for resources and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Another thing would be to read LL and experiences of people who have passed PMP test

Thank you admin. I have looked through the resources provided here on pmzilla and they have been quite helpful. However since I travel to work, I was looking for something that I can use on public transport so an app without needing much internet is what I am after to be able to use my travel time wisely. Thank you for your help though


I also taking PMP training from ExcelR Solutions and it seems these apps might helpful for me.  Thanks for having such conversation.

Hi Nitish 

As far as your question is concerned, our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' is a quick reference guide to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge as it is based on PMBOK 5th edition. You can use it for the content about all the 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas, Project Framework topics, formulas, and tips. You can then revise your knowledge with flashcards and 770 questions to practice extensively. The free app is available on all platforms and you can download it here

Good luck with your studies

Hopefully this solves my purpose

Hi Nitish,

I would like to share Free Resources for PMP Preparation here. This link contains Practice tests, Flash Cards, ToolKits and PDU Calculator. All these resources are free and downlodable.

All the best for your PMP.

Thanks Poonam

I looked through the link and found it good. However I was looking for something that was more mobile friendly that I can use while I travel. I think the app suggested is more suitable. Thank you for your recommendation though.



Hi Nitish
We are excited to inform you that our app ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ has been updated! So here’s what we have added. 
  • We have increased project framework topics from 30 to 40.
  • You can now practice extensively with an increase in our question bank from 770 to 1200 questions.
  • We have also added a variety in terms of types of question to mimic the actual test experience. The diversity in the questions help an aspirant to test their knowledge and every possible combination of question types asked in the actual exam.
  • In addition to the quiz that was provided previously, questions can now be practised with timed tests based on knowledge areas, as well as quarter (50 questions), half (100 questions), and full (200) exams.
  • Furthermore we have provided explanation for each answer during the quiz, and at the end with the result for tests and exams. This feature is important for you to learn from your mistakes and know where you went wrong.
  • We have increased tips from 122 to 151 so you can learn from the experiences of experts and increase your chances of being successful in the exam.
  • We have also increased the variety of our flashcards from 386 to 688 flashcards for you to easily understand and revise all the contents.
  • We have increased formulas from 66 to 79 and have added examples to the most important formulas we previously provided. By having access to examples and explanations, you can increase your ability to understand, learn, and apply the formulas during the exam.
  • All updates are still completely free and available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms (for both phone and tablet) providing you a consistent and unified experience across these platforms.
Please do provide us your valuable feedback to improve this app further

Hi, I have installed new version of PM Mentor. But the apps crashes quite often. I didn't face this problem with previous version. I'm using Android phone.


Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear that you have been facing some issues.  Even though we check the app on various Android devices, it is impossible to check the app on all. So can you please share what Android phone you are using as well what Android version (found in 'settings' and then in 'about phone') your phone is operating on. Also, do you mind sharing where exactly does the app crash so we can work towards fixing it?


I'm using Samsung S5. OS version is 4.4.2. Problem happens when I go to Home > Process Group > Plan scope mgmt (for example) > Proj mgmt plan. When I click on Back icon( top left), then the apps crashes.

Thanks for getting back to us. We are working on the issue. Since it seems to be a device specific issue, it might take some time to be fixed. However, in the time being you can check if the Android 5 update is available for your phone as updating your phone might prevent the app from crashing. 

Great resource! Tried and tested. However, one suggestion is to allow me to mark some flashcards for later use. Other than that amazing resource for studying on the go. Thanks

Thank you for the feedback Nitish. We will keep that in mind when we update the app next time.  However, as the quality and variety of questions are the most vital element to ensure success, our update this time focused only on that. The questions are: From all processes across the groups/areas, Focused on tasks, knowledge, and skills based on latest PMP® Examination Content Outline (Jan 2016 format), Difficulty level is medium to high to prepare for the actual exam & increase confidence. Our app free ‘PMP® Exam Mentor’ provides 1200 questions, leading to thousands of unique test set. 

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Problem solved. Thanks.
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