This forum got many advertising and spamming.

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I found 2 user.

pmcoe and SamuelPM

reply as promote their paid notes.

admin such add their email and url to black list.

And i surprise how come a PMP holder will doing this stupid strategy to run their business.

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... with defamation, fighter.
I did nothing of this things that talking about.
Malicious falsehood is also not a behavior of a PMP, get me?

So stop blaming or otherwise you will be the one who is banned i guess.

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i believe you are the owner of

Many of your reply just post the link
and redirect to your web site url.

Why i have to stop blaming you?
Other people can see what you post.

Get a job boy, it already many PMP study material related site, the one with low quality cannot be success.

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Dear Fighter,

that is exactly the problem here:
And if you start blaming and/or defaming somebody, you should better know exactly, what you are talking about.

But it seems that you not even read my posting carefully and/or completely.

To stand by the facts:
I am NOT the owner, founder, creator, whatever ... of the PM Primer. This is David Litten and you would know that if you had a closer look on this.
And if you would have carefully read my posting, you would have recognized that i even don't promote the PM Primer.
In contrast to this, i had critized it and recommend against it.
Btw. I posted the link exactly ONCE.

Well, becoming abusing without any reason is often a sign of weakness and immaturely and for sure it should not be a behavior of an upcoming pmp.

If you are not able to discuss in an objective mannor, than you will never be able to become a good project manager.
May be, you will earn your certification one day.
But for sure, you will never become a
Project Management PROfessionell. GOt it?

However, may be we had a bad start and i am not resentfully, so i wish you all the best and a great career in PM.



btw: i have a wonderfull job since years, thx