Finally, belled the PMP Cat....

Hello All:-

Finally (on 2.7.13) I belled the PMP cat in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR. Before I go any further, I want to offer my gratitude to the following people:-

Anmol Sinha of PMPforsure:- He should be rechristened to Anmol "Honest" Sinha.

Dibakar Mukerjee:- Prodigy personified

Karthik Vivekanandan aka Karthik21:- Friend for life

Ravi Datt aka RD:- Friend for life

Nitin Sharma:- Friend for life

Prashant Langade aka Prashant.spce:- A true kid brother

Sendil Kumar aka SK:- Friend for life

Saket Sir aka SS:- Mentor par Excellence

Admin:- For running SUCH a wonderful and brilliant site/blog for PMP Aspirants which helps people to crack the exam and also build relationship for keeps.

Jayant M'gil:- A critic with a heart of Gold.

Shambhu Singh Pawar aka RPS aka Pawarji:- Arundati Roy must have written the book, 'The GOD of small things', keeping RPS in mind. What man, what style, what stature. He is a man who is perennialy there to help people in need. His writings on the blog is very infectious. He is Lord Krishna's incarnation in the kalyug.I also feel what SRT( Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar) is to Indian cricket, RPS is the same to PMZilla. Just today I read on Zilla that he has avidly pinpointed errors in PMBOK-5. He is capable of doing and achieving things which lesser mortals like yours truly would have goose bumps if he even dreams of it. He is directly sent by Lord Brahma, the incarnator, on earth to come to the aid of nincompoophs like me. If I had the flair and contempleted writing a book, then Shree Shree 1008 Respected Pawarji Sir would have been my subject. I can go on and on and on when it comes to RPS. A great man on not so great earthland.


There are couple of more certain beings but it would be worthless to name them as they are neither PMP aspirants nor on Zilla. Right Smita and, above all, Babes. Babes bole toh Prashant Langade ki parjaaee :)


ABOUT THE EXAM:- Till Q-163, I said to myself, "Dude be ready for just another Prometric appearance. But then PMI/Prometric and Sai Baba thought otherwise. I say so because there were not less than 40 Qs on Maths/Formulas, a bulk on Costs, quite a few on Quality, Risk, and Procurement. And I passed with all MPs. I feel if there were not so many Maths, at least 3-4 Ps I might have accrued. Just may be. What is done is done, I am a PMP. Zyaada tension nahi lene ka ab. PMP is dead, old, and buried for me.

Now I talk about Ps and just a day before I was BBMing Prashant Langade aka PL that even if I get 4MPs and 1BP, I would sport the widest possible grin.

WHICH MOCK TEST WAS THE CLOSEST?:- PMPforsure and PMZIlla toughers builds the requisite muscle to take the Qs head on. Estrella is quite good. 6-7 wordy Qstns, a la Rita. In short, PMI tests one on the concept and not on essays. Still Rita too plays a conducive role in building muscles. She rightly says that no one can know 100%. She probably me had in her mind, she did not know people like Diba also exist.

I felt if one knows Maths, Maths, Maths, Risks, Quality, Procurement well, the chase is definite on. However, the entire exam is a conglomeration of all. My strong point was ITTOs, however, there were 6-7 direct questions and many questions related to or on it. And perchance this is why I can say that today I am also like Diba or RPS. Sorry both for displaying the audacity of putting myself in the same bracket as you two. Apologies.

The preparation stage helps in nurturing relationships and this is where PMZilla masters  a substantive role.

My mock test results were good and also very good at times. I did not care much on Maths. What I do not know or have any interest in it, why delve and get frustrated. Little did I know that Maths actually would make or break my proficiency levels. Anyway, the bottom line is "I am a PMP. "Ps" can go take a walk in the slumber.

I must also thank Brainbok, Shekhar Paaji of myqhub. Shekhar Sir was indeed instrumental in pepping me up and upping the ante.

I want to thank all and would say, "If I can clear anybody can". No doubt on it. I have some questions on me, so if anybody needs it, I may be contacted and if a moron like me can secure 5MPs, most of the gentlemen/lady 3 or 4 or even 5 Ps like Diba.

Apologies for posting my post late.I was in Shirdi sans my laptop. Now, I am in Telecom factory, Chembur, Mumbai today. Work starts from tomorrow. Had some recess, so better late than never. I have taken so much from so many and I should also contribute to the overwhelming of LLs on Zilla. Having said that, I also feel that this is not the classic case of a LL because I donot say what I did. Does it matter? I am the opinion it does not. As an example, What I can learn in 2 months, SK-PL-RD-Karthik in 15 days, RPS in 5 days and Diba need not even learn as he would be already knowing it. Study hard, form a group, solve quality questions and all of us are on. If anyone is down and out, please spare a moment and think if that man can pass, so can we. Never lose heart and continuity is the word.

I took quite long time to appear since there were lots of breaks due to official reasons as well as force majeure like my 98 year old grandmother dying and I had to perform all the rites and rituals. And not to forget my dick-headedness.

I am extremely apologetic for not writing to the point. Actually, I seek pardon since I do not know how and what to write.

Last but certainly not the least, "MATHS", Risks, Quality, and Procurement. I do not want to be repetitive by mentioning PMBOK.

Be confident. As SS says, Heavens would not drop if you are asked to come and test again.

The option is open in front of examinees, You want to go with a drooping head or a bubbling mind. The choice afterall is yours.

Thank You.

God and our efforts are great.

Kranti Kumar, PMP aka KK....

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congratulations kk. u really a hard worker. I salute u man


Congrats Mr Kranti , it's well deserved win for you. Lot of hard work and time has gone in it. Hope you relish fruits of it now !!



Congatulations !! KK !!!!!!!!!

Certainly many of us much familiar about you. 

I wish you all success .
I also want to say thanks in bunch for kind words you wrote for me.

I know its all your friendship attitude, that you give us more importance than anything.


Dear PM zillaians,

Here i want to quote 2 old phrases regarding KK and me:

1. from my LL-

----- I almost read every LL,----- people forget to put stress on group study, I personally feel, we enjoy it a lot, we learn a lot, we grasp a lot, we share and enhance a lot. If I say my success is only was possible because of this group, it will be a reality. KK a nice fellow, what a tremendous energy and enthuse, really enormous. He is as a powerhouse, all the time he mentors me.

-------I personally always faced problem to understand English , as many times I failed to get what is being asked there in contents. I  asked to  my mentor, MR KRANTIKUMAR aka KK.

2. From my e mail

SUB: Wow great news


Congratulations!! KK !!!
Its time of great feeling for me too
Many memories were waiting for this moment. Now It has happened. I know you fought consistently a long battle with dense efforts.
Now its time of Celebration and Parties
Cheers! With champagne!!


Here from LL of KK,  it is clear that for attaining good marks , keep your maths knowledge perfect, and always follow good study sources.


When I first thought of taking the exam, I read somewhere:- "Form a study group". I did not realise the importance or pay much heed to it till I bombed. Later, I did it and the result is for all to see. Thanks a ton Admin Paaji of PMZilla.

I met Karthik, RD and they passed. The third muskeeter was left alone, high and dry. Then came the second set of three muskeeters, Sendil (SK), Prashant Langade (PL), and self.


Was this grouping possible if there was no PMZilla? Not at all. Admin should be recommended for "Padma Shree" :) I did not find a SINGLE dishonest person on the blog. Everyone helps each other unlike my graduation days where people would make two notes. one for self and one for others. Here everyone's pursuit is the same and everyone is always willing to help other.


The journey was long but fruitful, ardous but adorable, and all is worth once am done. I have no hesitation claiming that I would NOT have passed if there was no RD, Karthik, PL, SK, Nitin and, of course, the protagonist of "The God of Small Things". And PL, in case you did not understand who am I referring to, stop Zilla and start watching cartoon channels :)


"Main safar mein akela hi chala tha, log mile aur karwaan banta gaya" (I was alone in my pursuit, till I met people and a congregation was formed).


Thank You All.


A pointer:- Please be confident on the exam. God is very kind. God would surely pay one's hard work.


God and our efforts are Great.



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Dear KK

You are really generous in your acknowledgements to the PMZIllians. But I would say Pawarji deservers every thing you have said and even more. He is selflessly helping people here. Which is very rare. Ofcourse not to underminde other people's contributions.

I would say your contribution to PMZilla has also been outstanding and I am sure between you and Pawarji you must have helped thousands of folks in their PMP preparation.

Since most PMZillians are selflessly helping, I would like to make a small page on PMZilla to recognize the star contributors. If you all agree and send your passport size picture I can put it on top contributors page. Following is the list to start with


  1. sspawar
  2.     krantikumar50
  3.     saket_pmp
  4.     projmanpro
  5.     ChandraR
  6.     pkukilla
  7.     aliweb
  8.     RP
  9.     The PMP Guru
  10.     diba_perfect
  11.     uglory
  12.     raza82
  13.     RaviDatt
  14.     Vishwanath
  15.     pmp_man

And ofcourse not to forget some small contributors too

  • sunitaPMP
  • chowdary2104
  • pradeepsodha
  • Jay22
  • karthik21
  • Prakash999
  • anand2381
  • PMNovice
  • satish_multi
  • vishalharshvardhan

Just email me your linked in profile and I will pull the picture from there

Congratulations once again and glad to know PMZilla questions were helpful to you



Once again many congrats to you KK and thanks for your kind words .

I hope you already started enjoying your PMP status.  All the best for all your future endeavours.

God Bless!!!



 Hi KK

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Honestly on you exam day, inspite of my encouraging words to you the earlier day, I had butterflies in my stomach

If anyone deserved to pass the exam , it is you since myself and RD know exactly how meticulous you have been in your preparation

As you rightly mentioned, teamwork is everything and for the first time I experienced a virtual team that worked fantastically well (myself in chennai,KK in Delhi and RD in Canada)

The joy of the team achieving the coveted trophy of PMP is just incredible

Thanks again to our site pmzilla and all those ardent contributors to this site




KK bhai, Congrats again!!

Without a hint of exaggeration, your resilient effort reminds me of the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness"!!

Pawarji - KK bhai ke liye champagne, merey liye kuch bhee nahi? Bad.

~ Diba

 Wow, what an LL!. Congratulations!!. I understand how you feel!!!.

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Its a great feeling to have some one close to us attain that much coveted crediantional.

I dont know how did was i of any help to you (that you offered grattitude towards me :-)). in fact like others,i must say you are helping others making their PMP dream come true.

It was indeed your desire.dedication or commitment towards PMP that made this possible.

Hope helpful people like you, continue guiding other aspirants like me.

Once again salute to your hard work,congratulations for attaining PMP and all the best for your future endevours.




Thanks and Regards





Dear Kranti Kumar, PMP


Kya baat hai sir, KK with PMP now. Honestly, you were PMP much before as I have seen your post here that shows how dedicated and serious you were since last 2 years. I am really happy from my heart to read your LL. Sorry to read about your grandmother, she is still with you and hence you see her wishes for you coming true. Party time dude!!!!


Thanks & Regards,

Mohit Kumar

Congrats KK!!

Was waiting for this post from long time.


  Dear Friend,


         Thanks for sharing your LL.