Fared low in PM Zilla mock tests - URGENT

Hi All

I am a little shocked at my performance with the mocktests of PMZilla...scored very low :(


 I've been faring pretty well with Rita's mock tests and PMstudy etc average of 75%.

Though I can't do much now with my exam scheduled for tomorrow....

Just wanted to know if there are similar experiences !!

Best Regards


Few things I learnt

1. did not take tests too seriously

2. hurried through choices

3. did not keep in mind that I cannot review!!

 Could have scored 60%.

4. english is tricky (euphemism)...lost few there.


Guess this is explained variance!


Any tips/comments are welcome!!

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I would say if you have got the learnings from those questions you can take PMStudy and Rita as benchmark and go ahead. Make sure you remember where you stumbled in PMZilla tests and just go through the weak areas once ...

Based on what you said above, I dont think we can take it as benchmark. So do a self assessment of your preparation and if you feel confident go ahead.


These mock tests will give you confidence for the real thing. Sometimes, if you are exposed to this, you will get used to it. - Phillip Elden