Failed PMP Exam for the second time

My pmp exam Mark is BP,MP,MP,MP.BP




before the exam I did the following Mock exams.

I did the following tests and got these marks 


passinate 50 76%
oliverlehman 75 58%
Test Bank 341-380 40 75%
RITTA COST 39q 39 87%
tutorialspoint  50 74%
PMP TESTBANK cost 50 66%
PMP Lite Mock Exam 1 50 92%
tech faq 200 83%
pmstudy1 200 62%
simplilearn 200 73%
pmstudy3 200 74%
Rita Fastrack 200 79.50%

 pmstudy4                                                      200            75.43 % 

So what is your opinions should I stop PMP trial. I still have the third trial in one weak remaining from the eligibility period.

Thanks for every body who tried to help me.


 Hi Smartcode,

I understand how you feel, but please pull yourself together. You need courage and determination to give the last SUCCESSFUL short. Don't loose hope in your abilities, because you can turn things around for good. Be focus now more than before and face the last opportunity with boldness. I see SUCCESS ahead of you, only if you can conquer the fear of failure within you. All the best, and do hope to read your mind-blowing LL next week. God bless you.

 Thank you uglory for your encouragement.


 i have my second attempt in one week and my score is on average about 73%. After knowg ur results i am very tensed too..did u get enough time to review?i dint in my ffirst attempt as i panicked. Wht happened ?a ny advuse for me?

 Dont rely on my result.

I say for everybody  my age is 47yrs old . Although I am very well prepared I feel it is very difficult to solve the very tricky questions in a very short time. 

I like to tell everybody that the exam is very easy and most of it I have gone through during my doing the mock tests like pmstudy 1,3,4 

However, In my age I cant solve these problems  in a fraction of a second such as teen age people although  I am  very experienced engineer in Cisco Networks , and Project management area.

I tell everybody dont worry just follow the other people here in pmzilla , they demonistrate the true exam.

I add also: Try to read ritta and solve their questions, Read the PMbok, become familiar with real life pm experience, understand the HR (how to solve problems, How to make them competent,....), Communications, probability and impact questions, solve EVM questions in seconds, and ask God to help you.






I know its tough to come back and take up the test again.

Try out the last time and give it a best shot.

My advice is to try out all pmstudy exams again and then go through all the wrong answers to fill gaps.

Then try out  oliver lehman or any mock where ur score was less and see if u are able to get more than 80.

If this exercise goes well, ull get good confidence to take up next time and clear PMP.

Im preparing for my first time and this is my suggestion. I knw its not that easy.

Also looking for some advice from you of do's and dont's to avoid failures.

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 Thank you Anand for your advice

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Based on your Mock test result I come to the conclusion that You have ample subject knowlede. The matter with you is only the performance during actual test, performance during four hours, performance in prometric test centre environment. I think it the exam pressure during actual 4 Hrs test which leads on you. And according to me for this present scenario, for one week period it is the only point which you need to overcome and work on.



Can any one give me any tips on manging time effectively while sitting for exam . i tend to take a lot of pressure and get very tensed and tend to re read the same question multiple time  and lose track of time. please help so i dont panic. thank you

 Here is what I did to manage time. I found the questions wordy than practice exams and had to read some multiple times during the exam, it started eating lot of time and I was somewhat concerned. I switched to reading the last line of the question first and then the answers and then read the question...this trumendously helped with speed. Just from the last line and the answers, it was clear what the answer was but I just read the full question to make sure I was not missing anything. A number of questions I zipped through as a result as I was tight on time duirng the exam. Hope it helps. Good luck.

 I heard about this way but still it need high speed processor in your brain hahahahah

I dont think PMI are looking for smart poeple. They are looking to get more money. If they  realy want good pm people they should give the time to them to solve the very tricky questions. Also they should cut the exam into tow parts so that you take some rest and go WC (pathroom). I think they like to collect money more than having good participants. 

thank you for the advice. i will try that. I have few questions pls advise.

1. ideally within what time frame should i finish my first attempt at all questions and how long should i spare for review? While reviewing should i review all quetsion and answeres or only marked ones?

2. Also can you please tell me how scoring is done? is it 1 point for every right answer? Or based on difficulty level. I know pmi says the exam is based on psychometric evaluation but i quite couldnt get that. Please advise.

3. Also i tried Pmzilla tough 200 questions now and i got only 56% (111/200)). i am right now going through the mistakes and trying to fill my gaps. should i retry the pmzilla exam after filling gaps . If s what should my score be on trying pmzilla exam second time?

Still confused and worried about all this becasue exam was supposed to be on  15th but it got cancelled and now simply wanting for prometric technical issue to be resolved to take date again. Only thinking all this is a blessing in diguise as i have more time to prepare..

Thanks for your tips in advance.


 My instructor told me a very golden way. He said read every chapter in ritta then take the questions on it . Dont go to exam without achieving less than 90% in every chapter. PMI wanted people who could remember the answers in a seconds. I advice to put things related to each other in a list and remember them by heart so that you can solve their questions just by lookingat the key word. I heard many people here in PMZILLA who passed the exam saying : the answers are popping to them, This means they are not analysing and thinkink but rather they are remembering. It is disgusting me.


 I cant fine a way to solve speed problem ask passing exam people hhahaha


 I dont anything regarding scores. They dont give us the chance to know anything regarding the true mark. I even have daugt regarding the 61% benchmark I dont think they apply it now.


 use the following link to find how to organize yourself to the exam

AVI : according to my last experience dont take the exam without having 80-85% on any of the mock tests I prefere 90% to be sure passing. You should also use new test every time because u will keep in mind the previous test answers which you learned


Thank you all for those comments. i will keep these in mind.

Also can you help throw some light on my question #2  on scoring? Thank you

 This was also my problem. read the remaining advice from me.

 Thank you for your advice

 Thanks a lot admin


hello may be i can help you, you have got BP IN initiating and closing plz read this section from kim Heldman book.


 This site is incridible. He enlightened me about what will happen if I have one attempt and short period of time to study

Thank alot yasir


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I bought Pm Prepcast and I enjoy it so far. you can download the podcasts and view them in addition to PMBOK. If you read too many books it can get overwhelming I think. PMBOK and a good supplement like Rita, Headstart or Prepcast. the problem with individual exams is once you take them you already know the answers so how can you get better.

With a test prep that you purchase you can get 90 days of testing with minimum 1000 random questions.  This way each time you take a prep exam you are less likely to repeat the same question to keep you sharp.  I'm going to take a lot of those exams like oliverlehman one time and then buy a test prep to make sure there is less of a chance of suprises on the exam.


Apart from this you can also check the link which provides you free question banks from many training providers like Oliver Lehmann, Head First, PMStudy etc. in one place. You can try to give test for any of the providers. Hope this will help