Failed PMP exam on 3rd Sep2010

Failed in the PMP exam
Today i have given Test for PMP exam.But Failed
I got all process areas on below Proficient and in closing Moderaltely
I reall disappointed after 3 months Hard study
I completed pmbok2 2 times,Rita 2 Times and Andry Crowe 2 Times
And Practiced Questions of Lehman-175(69%),Head First(84%),Andry Crowe(83%),Pmstudy(80%)
In exam almost 20 questions tools.They have given some sceniorio and find out which tool it belongs
Tools mainly.Cause and Effect diagram,control charts,Pareto Charts,Runchart,scatter diagram,Histogram

Many on inputs and outputs.I am not sure whether memoriatizion required.It's Tough to memore all
In practice test i answered correctly but in exam they asked in Different way
Can you any body suggest how to get clear idea above tools?And also approach for study for PMP exam
I prepared  all above books and practiced all questions in Text book

Can any body please advise approach for PMP exam preparation?

I am not getting which area i am weak







bad news to hear....

Personally i don't think 3 months is sufficint to be 100% ready for the exam... GL for ur next try..


Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempt.

 As you have yourself mentioned you need to concentrate more on on all groups except closing the project

The actual time needed by any person desiring for a PMP certification will vary from person to person

Some achieve it within 2-3 months and others take a longer period of time(Personally It took me 8 months of preparation to clear the exam in my first attempt last month.

I can outline my strategy to you .You are free to develop your own though !!!  .

Even before I started reading books for the exam. I browsed through various PMP forums to read the reviews of people who had failed the exam. This served as a lessons learnt  in the initial stage only.

Many were of the opinion  that  PMBOK is not the only source of reference.I found this to be true as Professional and social responsibility in addition to negotiations tactics in procurement management are not covered in PMBOK.Even PMI states that PMBOK is a guide to body of knowledge. so this doesn't mean that it is sole source. You will not believe that I did not refer to PMBOK at all but read Andy crowe's book and Rita book and some last minute reference material from PMHUB(Raj-rani notes)

.Just as Andy Crowe says  the key to this exam is not by studying harder but smarter.

There are atleast 5 to 6 different ways of asking the same question. If you can visualise that no question can confuse you at all.

Once you read the theory attempt as many practice questions as you can.(I attempted about 4000 questions in all before I had some confidence of attempting the real exam

Iam giving a few links here (Some answers given here are wrong so beware !!!)

In addition to this I had another 1400 sample questions given by a friend of mine.


Strategy for remembering ITTOs is best explained in Andy's book.

Wishing you success in your second attempt.

Dinesh Mungara , PMP 

 Hi Rajendra,


I am very sorry to hear this. I think that an intense study of three months and reading all these materials you have mentioned should have been sufficient to pass the exam. I won’t recommend you to take a similar exam preparation approach this time due to two reasons. Firstly you already have read a lot and I don’t see any reason for you to read more books. Secondly, as I said, a three month of intense study of the materials you have mentioned is usually sufficient to pass the exam, but since you haven’t, repeating the same process is less likely to produce better results. So I suggest you take a different approach and hit the subject from a different angle. Consider using one of our products, i.e. Prepcast. Prepcast prepares students for the PMP exam through both video and audio lectures by our highly respected trainer Mr. Cornelius Fichtner, PMP. Reading books and other reference materials is an information-pull strategy, that didn’t work for you. Try Prepcast, this works on an information-push strategy. Secondly I would also recommend that please solve at least 1000 PMP practice questions. This will narrow the gap between your understanding of the subject and the actual exam, as well as this will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Oh yes, you can access the Prepcast website by clicking the URL in my signature.




Exam Support Team

The PM PrepCast -

 Have been a PM  or have managed a project before?  If yes, are you practicing in the US or India?  Is there an option to take the exam in your native language?  Is it possible that the exam questions written in english is what caused you to fail?  Based on your email, you've done your part to study enough.  You read the PMBoK twice, you used Rita's and Andy's.  

After I passed the exam a couple of co-workers told me that they have tried taking the PMP certification without much luck.  These are from 2 people who I know have never ever led a project much more practiced as a PM.  I asked them how they applied to take the exam.  They flatly told me, they fudged their application hoping not to get audited,  review using the PMBoK, pass and use the title.  My heart sunk and right there I questioned myself why I bothered getting the certification. 

Good luck when you take the exam again.  And also good luck to when you start practicing as a Project Manager in the future. 

Thanks everbody for your support and suggestions
I work for IBM,India.I have exposure as PM for past 3 years.In PMP exam i am able to narrow down answers from 4 to 2.But there is very thin layer among 2 which one is correct.That made me fail.I confusued which one is correct.looks like both are correct.Example--for One question answer is quality control and Verfication(For Deleiverable validation).Can you any body explain which one is select.I have seen question they didn't ask which one is first.I think i was almost reached the destination but failed to choose correct one
As  per lakshmi i should be more familar with ITTO and try to  practice more questions




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Hi Rajendra

Sorry if it sounds like shameless self promotion, but you should try the PMZilla 200 tough question book too



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That's the reason; I use to inform all PMP aspirants; not to take ITTOs easily. I did the same mistake in my first attempt; but FAILED. But for my second attempt; I have prepared my notes on ITTOs and scored an excellent marks.

ITTOs carry 50% (appx) of pass marks. If you are comfortable with ITTOs; you are almost there. And if you are comfortable with PMI-isms and application of those; PMP is yours.

Please find my notes in the following link of PMZilla and take those printouts (A4) and study whenever & whereever you can.

No need to worry; you can achieve it with this first test experience.  

Wish you all the best,

Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP

 Hi Rajendra,

Sorry to hear that you failed PMP. I guess you just need to read PMBOK few more times and do all the 4 PM study exam. Also play attention to the tools and Inputs.

Sorry to hear the bad news. I can suggest a blog which will help to practice & memorize ITTO. Try




So I read your responses, you have to study ITTO not memorize just to put your puzzle together, put things together. I read PMBOK once, I am using PM methodology in my daily job and personal life I can say when I want to paint my house you can use project statement of work, business case and contract.

Answer different questions but get smart, you can study 30 questions from different sources, then you have to answers 200 questions for two three exams and that is. beware of not over study. you can read two times but not understanding the material.




I'm not sure what you mean by, "completed pmbok2 2 times,Rita 2 Times and Andry Crowe 2 Times"... but if you only read it without understanding and/or memorization... then it's going to be difficult to pass the PMP exam.

Honestly, I failed the 1st attempt  but I only read Rita's material (since she specifically states that her material is enough to pass).  I threw away Rita's book and read the PMBOK.  I read it, understood it and then... memorized ALL the processes in order and then memorized the inputs, outputs, and tools & techniques.  I was overwhelmed with the info I had to memorize and understand but someone told me that there was a study conducted by MIT (or one of those elite schools) where people will start to memorize anything by the time he/she writes it down on a piece of paper by the 17th time.  I wrote the inputs, outputs, tools & techniques on piece a paper around 20 times.  After a gruelsome 2 weeks, I was done writing ALL the stuff down at least 20 times.  Guess what... although I didn't memorize everything... it came back to me when I took the exam and finally passed the 2nd attempt.

I'm one of those guys who has to read, memorize, understand... then read it again, memorize some more, and really really understand it... in order to feel comfortable to take the test.  I thought that getting over an 80% on Rita's test engine would be sufficient.  I was wrong.  I went back to the basics and read the PMBOK over and over again.  I memorized and then understood everything.  Lastly, memorized and understood the processes ALSO.  Not only the inputs/outputs/tools/techniques.

So the timeframe for my study ALL together was 2 months.  For the 1st attempt... I studied for one month (Rita's material) and failed.  I rescheduled for my 2nd attempt which was about 3 and a half weeks later (almost 4 weeks).  I finally passed the 2nd attempt.  Again, it's not how long you study... it's how well you study.  Reading over and over is sometimes not enough.  Memorize, memorize, and then understand later.

Some folks might disagree with my approach and I don't blame them... but that's because we all learn differently.  The reason why I studied no longer than 2 months is because I work for a PMO (Project Mgt Office) and everybody was required to gain the PMP within the 6 months of employment.  I was into my 5th month and had to pass.  Most of the guys I've worked with only studied about a month and passed.  I'm serious... there were a few folks in my office who studied only for a month and passed.  They studied HARDCORE where they stayed after work and studied for about 5-6 hours each night... including weekends.  I know for a fact they studied that long because our office has a sign-out sheet everyone MUST fill out and the gate guard verified (I had to ask since I was so curious).  They basically had no life for a WHOLE month (including weekends) but that sacrifice turned out to be a very well spent investment at the end.  I wish I had the brains like that but then again... only 2 months of study... i guess that's not too bad.

Moral of the story... everybody learns differently... and in my case... I had to memorize everything by writing it down at least 20 times (no shortcuts).  hope my method works for you.

Peace.  Sorry for the long message. 



Charles J. Lee, PMP