Hello Toni,

MBA is a degree which is sometimes mandatory to get a good job. PMP exam is a certification which is just an add-on to your career when its comes to growth and promotion.

I agree with you, PMI frames very confusing questions especially the choices and that's what they want. They do not want people to read books and tips and pass the exam. For the same reasons I choose to practice tests which are confusing and tough in nature.

Not everyone like PMP exam and neither everyone would require PMP for career growth. End of day its your skills and compentency that leads you to the next level and never text on your resume.

Good luck!
Rohit, PMP

I passed the PMP exam on the 3rd try using a different technique to the 1st two tries.  the third time I took the exam I was very relaxed as if I was in front of a computer doing a crossword puzzle to pass time on a long flight.

The words CONGRATULATIONS came up on the screen the 3rd time after I submitted the exam.  I remember not feeling happy or sad just normal as if I had just come back home from a grocery store.

Thanks for your comments.

Wow! This is the best, real and true journey which depicts the core reason of passing exam like PMP. I know one of my friend who is genius in project management concepts, but on the day of exam he argued with his wife on breakfast menu and he failed in the PMP exam.  I know one of my friend who just attended contact hours and gave the exam after watching a movie, he just went into exam hall to see how PMP exam questions are framed with a motive to fail and came out with passing result.

I am in agreement with your journey, end of day it should be a good day and everything else goes on side.

Cheers, time to have Party!

Rohit, PMP

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Sorry to hear, but good post , read this 

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Sorry to respond 3 months after your initial post.

Respectfully, I think you are wrong about PMI trying to devise a test using psychologists and/or sociologists "who are riddle experts".

The PMP test is administered throughout the world and only in English.  I believe PMI does it's best to build test questions that are fair yet complex.  As a business or non-profit, it would be unwise for PMI to devise tests that use tricky English to "riddle" thousands of non-English speakers.

I am horrible at tests yet through disciplined study and studying test questions, I passed the PMP in June 2013.  I do not wish to be harsh on you Toni, but I think you underprepared to take the test.  Here are a few questions for you.

  1. Source Material.  Did you read PMBOK 5 and a complementary book (Rita, Akhter, etc.) throughly?
  2. Active Notes.  Did you take notes on everything you read?
  3. Practice Questions.  How many practice questions did you study?  I studied approximately 1000 PMP practice questions and created "mistake files" so I could learn from my PMP test question mistakes.
  4. Practice Test.  How many 4 hour practice tests did you take and what were your scores?

Yes, I help people with my fee-based PMP Test Prep Service.  But I've given you a lot of free advice on how to pass the PMP.

But ultimately, I would say that PMI does not build the PMP test solely to be tricky.  They build both simple and complex questions that will fully test the knowledge of PMP students from around the world.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP Test on Your Second Try,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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You said:

"Also if you comb through online blogs on when to count the project manager in your communications channels calculations, No one seems to be clear on that."

I remember that question, it was always a bit confusing on practice tests.  So I built a YouTube video on that question back in December 2013:

Richard Kraneis Video on Network Communication Channels.

You knew the answer was "include project manager" in network communication channel math.  But it is possible that whatever practice test you took conflicted with the correct answer.

The Internet is full of PMP students who challenge or disagree with practice test answers while studying for the PMP.  I learned early in my PMP studies not to try to fight a book author or contest a PMP test question because I disagreed with the answer.

Sometimes PMP practice test questions are wrong.  Get over it and move onward.  The vast majority of PMP practice questions found in books by reputable authors (Akhter for example) or found in practice test software (Kaplan's Self Test Software for example) are correct.

I hope I have helped.  Watch my Network Communications Channel YouTube video and leave a comment.

Best Wishes,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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It is important to determine the root cause of failure. I have written a post on 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam

You can take a look at it and determine what went wrong and then prepare your strategy for the 2nd time.

All the best.