Failed my PMP exam on 11-aug-2016


I thought i was well prepared but to my surprise i failed the exam . the exam was really tough with only 1 question on PDM for which i was surprised, can someone tell me if it is common to fail the test on the first attempt ? as 5 of my friends failed the exam including me on the first attempt. :(

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Sorry to hear about that. But you will need more practice. I think majority people pass the test in first attempt.


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Hello Zain,

Sorry to hear this form you. Project Management Professional (PMP) is not an easy exam to attempt. Lasting for 4 hours, it has 200 multiple choice questions, of which one has to answer at least 106 correctly to qualify.

The exam is designed to be extremely difficult so that only the best candidates can get the certification. This is the reason why PMP holds immense value and its certificate holders get paid handsomely.

I would like to share an article about How to Cope With Failure in PMP Examination here, Hope this will helps you.

All the best for your next attempt.


That is sad but don't worry. You will have better luck next time.
You should start with determining what was the reason for not getting through. You must determine the root cause of failing. I have written a post titled 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam  You should read this post. This will help you in determining the root cause.

After reading the post, give yourself some time and and think about each point. You should and revise your preparation strategy, if needed.

Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about it. Hope you clear the exam on your second attempt.

For the benefit of the community, would you be willing to share your learning experience?

What books did you refer? Did you go through the PMBOK?

What mocks did you take and how much did you score on them?

How was your exam taking experience?

I am sure folks here would be willing to help better your strategy once they know these details.

Best Regards.

Sorry about that, I just started to study the PMBOK and it's a lot of information to learn. May I ask you couple of questions:

How much time did you dedicated to prep for exam? (days, and avarage time per day)

How much PM experience do you have? (project size and duration)

I ask the above questions becouse i have limited (based on the PMBOK) PM experience (small projects - 1 week or less trun around). Learning the PMBOK is an eye opener and it's purpose is to cover any size project. So I am gaving to learn a lot of vacabulary and concepts, and I wonder what is the the background of individuals that successfully pass the PMP the first time.

Thank you,