Failed My PMP Exam


I have taken my PMP Exam on Dec 12th and i failed.

Lot of Tricky questions and especially questions on Change request and Risk Management.

Even Mathematical Questions are not th easy one to derive the answer directly.

My Preparation time was 3 months and i used PMBOK and Rita.

I practiced 5 simplilearn 200 Mock Questions alongwith few other simulation Tests, izenbridge, headfirst, exam Central and Techfaq360 and the score which i have in range of 70% to 75%.

Only Headfirst and Exam Central i scored 81%

None of the Question i have seen in the PMP exam which i had experienced in my mock exam

I got below proficient in Executing, M&C and Closing. 

Now i need to reassess myself as my understanding the PMP Concepts is lacking or should i practice more questions. of am i overconfident by looking at the score which i gained in the mockexam.

Or should my preparation go by Process Group wise. 

I need suggestions, comments, tips from this forum.  who passed their pmp sucessfully.

What kind of preparation strategy  i need to start again.

I am planning to schedule in Mar 2017, so two months time i can prepare effectively.

I need comments from this forum.






sorry for your result, but good that you're already looking at how to improve for next time. The results should tell you where do you need to focus more for the exam. Next time you know what to expect!

Besides doing practice tests, I would say re-read the materials, take your own notes, make sure you understand what are you doing in which process, what is the order in the whole (which I think Rita tries to cover, although I didn't use it myself). That way you will identify ITTOs and tricky responses.

Do measure your time to respond! 4 hours is a lot... you can plan your time to respond ALL your questions, take a break and then review the ones with problems... many times in my revision I found that I missed a key word (such you're in initiation phase) that will automatically eliminate 3 of the answers.

So sorry to hear for you. Read PMBOK again and take practice tests from some fresh providers - PMZest, PMStudy, PMZilla etc. You should pass next time.

Good luck for your next attempt.

Inderjeet, PMP

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Maybe you will do well next time. The following post is useful for many 


That is unfortunate but don't worry. You will have better luck next time.

It is important is to find the root cause of failing. You exam prep & ultimate success depends on it. You should read 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam. This will help you in determining the root cause of failing the exam.

After reading the post, give yourself some time and and think about each point. If required, you should change your study approach or take another training or study different books.

You can also download free guide on "How to Get PMP Certification?". It will give you a detailed approach and study scheduleto pass the PMP exam.

Secondly, simply doing mock tests without a definite strategy is not good enough. You should be ready before you sit for the exam again. You should read Best Way to Determine PMP Passing Score. This will tell you an approach for checking exam readiness. As per the approach suggested in the article, you should do sample Q only from a popular simulalator. Only a popular simulator can give you statistically significant test results.

Lastly, you should invest in a good PMP Exam Simulator before sitting in the exam.

Good luck.