Failed first attempt today 09/10/2009.

I Had my PMP exam today and I failed, even though I thought I did pretty good during exam. There were very confusing questions- I had lot from Contract/Seller. Which Contract is more risky and high price questions.Which I could had screwed up. I am so dissappointed as I worked really hard for this exam. More over all money waste any clue what neeeds to be done next and which all exam practise to get. I used Oliver, measure tests and some few avaliable. I am confused with CPI/SPI questions when it is CPI > 1 and <1 is project under / over budget. My understanding is it >1 = good and < 1 bad, = 0 on plan. Likewise what are logics for SPI and then EV,PV and AC. I didnt get many formula based questions though. What are TIPS for passing it second time. It is frustarting not to clear it first time. Anyways it is a really tricky exam with 50/50 rule. Who ever have sailed in my boat. I will like to communicate and get in pace what next and how to keep it going so I pass next time too. As there is again 50/50 chance.

Trust me I want to get any advise I can get to get this thing rolling. It sucks not to clear the first time, plus I don't have much time as I am working on MBA but hopefully I will be able to do better with what I missed this time. Thanks a lot ! Experience/Tips/Tricks would really will help.

Hi shilpa,

curious to know if you have read rita's sixth edtion...i just read the chapter on cost mgmt..and i did well in her practice questions..but after reading your post..i wonder wether if I am comfortable with the questions on cost mgmt..