Expire of PDU's

Hi Need clarification. I have completed my mandatory 35 PDU’s more than 1 year back. Now I wish to complete my PMP exam.

 Q. Do I need to re-take the PDU’s else I can use them and directly write the exam.

 Any inputs would be very helpful.

For every time you need to appear for the PMP exam you don’t need to earn PDU. PDU of 35 hours is required for filling PMP application, once the application is approved; you DO NOT need any PDU to appear for the PMP exam even if you fail or make re-attempts.

60 hours of PDU is required to maintain PMP credentials for 3 years cycle. This is something not applicable to you now as you have not yet passed PMP exam, so ignore this.

 thats means..straight away I can enroll for PMP exam and book my slot...right?

I hope pmp body does not question about the gap from PDU's taken duration to PMP appearing duration..

Ahhh, have you crossed one year eligibility period?

Thanks much! 

I did not see your 1 year information you provided.

Can you be clear for this 1 year? Did you obtained PDU one year before or Did your PMP application got approved one year back and you did not give PMP exam till now?

I took PDU's in November 18 2010 but didnt take membership of PMI nor appeared for exam till date...so PDU's taken so long back..wont effect ..right ? else I need to take the PDU's again. 

Just to avoid a more confusion, I guess you did not apply for PMP credentials exam (i.e. PMP application). This can also be done without becoming PMI member and hence I got confused with this missing information. Although you have not answered this, but I am sure you did not.

Yes your PDU is valid. Go and apply for PMI membership and fill the application for PMP using the PDU you have. Once application is approved, pay the exam fee and make sure you sit for the exam within one year eligibility period. You will get this info in the application approval email.

Steps are like this:
1. PMI Membership and pay membership fee (Optional)
2. Apply for PMP application (here you use 35 hours PDU)
3. Application gets approved in one week
4. Enroll for PMP exam (by/before the eligibility period)

As long as Step-2 has NOT been done, your PDU is valid and eligible.

Always go for membership as it will save overall cost for you.

In my long n forgotten quest to acheive PMP...all i did till now is gained 35 PDU's nothing more (NO - PMI membership & NO - PMP application) 


Reading your reply to other fellow, I sensed there is some risk in my situation. Please advise me.

I got PDUs and registered on PMI website in Dec last year. I could not pay or schedule for exam during eligibility period, due to personal reasons. Now my 1 year eligibility period is getting expired next month. Will it affect to contact hours training? Also should I wait till expiration of current period (which is in next month) and then re-apply for new eligibility period and then pay and schedule the date?





1) PDU is your initial 35 hrs training on PMP material and it doesn't have any relationship with your registration in PMI website.  35 Hrs Training would not expire and you can still quote in your PMP Exam application.  But now the PMP version is going to change from PMBOK 4 to PMBOK 5 and not sure whether your OLD training would still hold good or not.  My suggestion is to quickly register for the exam and finish off your exam within June 2013, before the version changes.

2) You haven't mentioned whether you have paid for the PMI membership or not?  If you have done, it is valid only for a Year.  After which you need to renew again, so that when you pay for exam, you would get the membership benefits.

3) You can pay for your exam within the next 1 month and still be benefited with the membership discount you would get while paying for the exam.



 Dear PK,

Thanks for your time for replying positively.

1) I will ask training institute where I completed PDUs regarding PDU validity even after PMBOK version changes.

2) No, I neither paid for membership nor for exam during this eligibility period.

3) Actually my eligibility period is expiring on 11-Dec-12 and I am thinking to let it expire and re-submit application for renewed eligibility period. Because if I paid now and dont get seat as per my schedule (in Jan-13) then there is chance of losing the amount. (This is my doubt, I am not sure about this).

4) How about re-submitting application, does this increase chance of audit of experience and credentials?

I have studied PMBOK twice and Rita twice, also solving MCQs from different sources. I will memorize ITTOs and formulae and give final touch to both books once I am near to exam date. Hope to clear before book edition changes.


Srichand Sobhani

 Hi Sobhani,


You have just registered in PMI website.  You need to pay for the membership, only then you would get access to the electronic version of PMBOK. 

Once you pay the fees for the exam you have the validity period for 1 year for writing the exam and need not fear of expiring membership.  You go ahead and pay for the membership and for the exam.  And with regard to the exam dates availability, I am not sure from where are you are.  You can call up the prometric center and find out that.

I am not sure on how the applications are selected for audit.  But that shouldn't be the concern as far as we have the real experience.