Exam question of Beta and Triangular distribution

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On PMBOK page 337,Quantitative risk Analysis: tools and techniques

There is two diagram - Beta distribution and Triangular distribution

PMBOK dooesn't go thought too much.

I see another post on PMZilla -

Comparing PERT and Triangular Analyses in a Three-Point Estimate Problem and this post

As i understand both of them use PERT 3-point estimate formula to illustrate the Expected Value ,Optimistic Value, Most Likely Value, Pessimistic Value on diagram.

1. Formula of Beta distribution

2. Formula of Triangular distribution

Since the 3-point is provide or calculated, i winder is there any type of question in exam to compare two diagram? Or base on the diagram to do another calculation?

AFAIK you will get only questions regarding calculate PERT (Beta Distribution) or Three Point estimates, but with data provided (not from a diagram).

It's useful to know also all regarding deviation, sigma, varianze (and how you can't add deviation from two task directly, but convert them to varianze, add them, and then converting them back to deaviation).

I have had students tell me it was shown in diagram as well as just a question about solving for PERT.

I've personally not heard of any questions asking to compare the beta and triangular distribution diagrams. For the most part, the PERT questions you will get are going to be pretty straightforward. There could be a diagram you would need to interpret in order to find the 3 points for the PERT calculation, but even then I would think it would be easy to find if you know that you need the optimistic, most likely and pessimistic values for the PERT calculation.