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Hi All,

I have Rite PMP Exam Prep 5th Edition, please let me know if this is the one every one recommending for the exam, I have tentatively planned to take exam in March 2017 end.

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Hello Reddy,

this one is the most actual Version you do need for the PMP exam:


PMP Exam Prep Rita's Course – Updated 8th Edition by Rita Mulcahy  (☛

http://goo.gl/ByJLjv )

you may refer to the following guide for further information:

The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification” :

and you can find some free materials here:

FREE PMP prep Resources


Hope this helps a bit.







I haven't perused the book Rita however I saw the film. It is fundamentally about a lady who is doing an Open University course to Essay Writing Company better herself from her hairdressing foundation.

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There are aspirants that prefer the Rita's book. - Green Water Technologies