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I come to know by some of my friends that the present percentage for passing the exam has been increased to 71% and also the difficult questions are now given higher scores in the exam is it true????




The answer is No and No:

Passing score:

The PMP® exam is a 4-hour multiple choice exam. In these 4 hours, you
are going to have to answer 200 questions. Each question is either
scenario based or knowledge based and has 4 possible answers - A, B, C
or D. You can only select one answer.

Out of these 200 questions, 25 are considered "pretest questions".
These pretest questions do not affect your score. The PMI uses them as
an effective and legitimate way for testing the questions. In other
words: new questions for the exam are first tried out in this way, to
see how well they work. The pretest questions are randomly placed
throughout the exam.

So you start out with 200 questions minus the 25 pretest questions
which leaves 175 questions. Out of these, you must answer 106
correctly. That is 61%

If you would like more details on this, then I recommend that you read
the PMP Credentials Handbook which you can find at this location: http://www.pmi.org/PDF/PDC_PMPHandbook.pdf.

How much does each answer count?

Every correct answer counts as 1 point. Every wrong answer counts as 0 points. There is no difference between "easy" and "difficult" questions.

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