Exam on 21st Dec

 Dear all,

I have exam on 21st Dec and I think I am well prepared (well don't have energy to study more.)

Following are the scores of mock test in order of appearance.

Rita FastTrack 1 62
PMZilla Tough 30 66
Oliver 75 78.6
Scordo18 70
Prepcast Numericals 84
Scordo17 78
PMPforsure Free 69
Oliver 175 82.2
PM Study 81

Please let me know if these are fine.

Also I wanted to know - if following are allowed inside examination hall or can I keep these in locker and take out whenever required:

1 - chocolate / energy bar

2 - chewing gum / mint to keep mouth/mind fresh

3 - Pen/Pencils - do I need to bring mine or they will provide

4 - Jacket with hood cap. - I heard sometimes its cold out there and I have flu.

5 - water bottle  - I have habit of sipping water every 10 mins.





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I think eatables are not allowed, you can always take a break come out and eat. Depends on location. 3, 4,5 should be okay.

You seem to be well prepared , read your notes to brush up , read Abhishek's version of RNN (Rajesh Nair notes)



Your prerformance is so well, and I hope you might read many LLs, and as many times , at many places such checklists are common even in reference books also.

Inside examhall only Locker-key and 2 identity cards will be allowed. Inside exam room,They will provide 2 pencils with 4 paper sheets for rough works.

In waiting hall lockers will be available, where you can keep your food and drinks etc. You can come out from exam room without any extra time, and can take your meal etc and can go to washroom too.

Nothing is allowed into the study room, in fact they use a wand to check you.  You are not even allowed a watch.  You are allowed to bring food/drink, but not in the test room.  I had to check in and out with my photo id anytime I wanted a drink/break.  I broke up the questions in sets of 50 to take a break.  I passed with 3Ps and 2 MPs, and your scores are better than mine for PM Study and Oliver.  I think you are good to pass :)

 Dear Bonnettja, please share your LL. The books you read, the mock tests & scores including the duration of preparation.

I would say after going thru all of that studying...once you score in the 70s range in PMStudy go for the exam.  PMStudy was the best tests.  I actually scored higher on the exam vs. pmstudy scores. 

The exam seemed to have to most difficult and possibly test questions in the beginning...so much so that I took a break after 5 questions. Pace yourself correctly and take breaks it helped me. 


Good luck!