Exam in 2 weeks, plz check and advise on my readiness

Hi friends,

My exam is on Nov 30th. (2 weeks exactly from now)

I sincerely request you all to let me know if I am ready.

It's a bit weird I found PM Prepcast Simulations almost same or slightly easier than Headfirst (see my scores). Headfirst is supposed to be the easiest right ?

I am seriously thinking of postponing after reading a recent topic here (i forgot the name), he wrote a lengthy and sad story of his first time failure (very receent Oct/Nov 2016), even after getting 85% - 90% in his mock exams ! It's very disheartening and I am doubting my preparations.

My Mock scores so far -

Oliver 75Q 72%
iZenbridge100Q 75%
PMZest (200Q)  (I cried after giving this !) 61%
PMStudy Mock 1  86%
PMPrepCast Simulation 1 87.50%
PMPrepCast Simulation 2 89.50%
PMPrepCast Simulation 3 89.00%
HeadFirst 200Q 86%

( I will be writing 5 more Prepcast and 3 more PMStudy mocks in the next 15 days)


Rita (2x), Headfirst (1x), PMBOK (1x + skimmed through again).

Notes - mine, Edward-designer

loads of practice tests. (always got between 75-85%)

Please advise,





Since you have only a few days left, I would sugget you to move quickly.

You would need a good exam simulator to get ready for the exam. A simulator provides many benefits is is essential part of exam prep. To understand its benefits you can read - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam.

You can also check if you are ready for the exam or not by reading this article - PMP Exam Passing Score.

To buy a good simulator, you can this article for review & comparison of 6 popular simulators - PMP Exam Simulator.

Good luck.

I think you are all set. Make sure you read PMBoK once more. I'm sure you would have already started analyzing the answers.