Exam in 2 weeks, plz check and advise on my readiness

Hi friends,

My exam is on Nov 30th. (2 weeks exactly from now)

I sincerely request you all to let me know if I am ready.

It's a bit weird I found PM Prepcast Simulations almost same or slightly easier than Headfirst (see my scores). Headfirst is supposed to be the easiest right ?

I am seriously thinking of postponing after reading a recent topic here (i forgot the name), he wrote a lengthy and sad story of his first time failure (very receent Oct/Nov 2016), even after getting 85% - 90% in his mock exams ! It's very disheartening and I am doubting my preparations.

My Mock scores so far -

Oliver 75Q 72%
iZenbridge100Q 75%
PMZest (200Q)  (I cried after giving this !) 61%
PMStudy Mock 1  86%
PMPrepCast Simulation 1 87.50%
PMPrepCast Simulation 2 89.50%
PMPrepCast Simulation 3 89.00%
HeadFirst 200Q 86%

( I will be writing 5 more Prepcast and 3 more PMStudy mocks in the next 15 days)


Rita (2x), Headfirst (1x), PMBOK (1x + skimmed through again).

Notes - mine, Edward-designer

loads of practice tests. (always got between 75-85%)

Please advise,




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do some more pratice, analyze your results and focus on the weak spots you may have figured out.

And then just gor for it. Your results seems to be good already.

All the best,




Thanks Markus.

My only concern is - Since there were changes in the exam pattern on Jan 11 2016, I am not sure which of the mock tests are closely aligned to the real PMP and whether my marks are misleading.

I am just trusting PMPrepcast and PMStudy simulations !! Fingers crossed. :)

thanks again.

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i can't say anything about PMstudy cause i didn't know them yet, but i do know Cornelius Fichtner in person, the founder and creator of PMPrepcast and the related PM Exam simulator and i can tell you that their simulator is 100% aligned to the actual PMBoK Guide and also to the changes in the beginning of this year.

I am sure you will do good.






Since you have only a few days left, I would sugget you to move quickly.

You would need a good exam simulator to get ready for the exam. A simulator provides many benefits is is essential part of exam prep. To understand its benefits you can read - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam.

You can also check if you are ready for the exam or not by reading this article - PMP Exam Passing Score.

To buy a good simulator, you can this article for review & comparison of 6 popular simulators - PMP Exam Simulator.

Good luck.

I think you are all set. Make sure you read PMBoK once more. I'm sure you would have already started analyzing the answers.