Exam on 06-12-2015

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Thank you for PMZILLA and members support for PMP aspirants.

My exam date is very near only 2 days remaining for preparation.

I completed Rita & PMBOK one time reading/study plus PMCHAMP training.

my test results are below;

1st time Rita Fastrack - 50%

2nd time Rita Fastrack - 59.4%

I am planning to test Oliver 175 questions today.

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hi, your scores are very low. I would recommend you reschedule the exam to a later date. Do more practice of mock tests.

Ops, take more practice tests. I feel you have practiced little less and there is scope left here. You can take tests from some good sources like Pmstudy, Pmzest, Pmzilla etc. Good luck

Rohit, PMP

It's too late to cancel your exam, you wouldn't get your money back for the last minute cancellation. I would suggest you focus on the two mock exams your did and review all the mistakes with MPBOK. Please note that do not try to remember this answers, you must understand error clearly why you made the mistake at 1st place. Then you just go take a chance,but to be honest with you, your chance to pass is very slim. You need study more and do more practice. Good luck.

Those scores do not seem enough for you to be able to sit the exam and pass. It is also understandable that rescheduling might not be an option for you as the exam is very close. However, you must practice lots and lots of more questions to be able to finish successfully. Practice is what can save you in these couple of days. I can recommend downloading our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' for 770 free questions plus revision content from PMBOK 5th edition that would be helpful before you sit the exam. You can download the app here


Good luck 

How to identify whether traingular/beta and SD ? I am little bit confusion to apply them.